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The oil is of a green colour with golden highlights and with aromas of recently cut grass and ripe fruits; it present almond flavour, fresh and slightly bitter taste in mouth. Unique experience for any olive oil lover. The fresco (freshly made) oil is bottled without being filtered, recently pressed in order to preserve all its aroma and flavour. For this reason it could be possible to notice the presence of a darker layer at the bottom of the bottle, that’s a consequence of the natural decantation process.


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Product Description

The extra virgin Omeya is with no doubt one of the best product of Coupage present in AceitedelCampo. In fact it was the first extra virgin olive oil in our Gourmet Store. During our journey around Cordoba we stopped to rest in a restaurant in the city. There they served us for the first time this amazing olive juice. It’s when we tried it that we decided to start our current business selling extra virgin olive oil of superior quality.

The freshly made Omeya from the beginning of the harvest

At first sight its intense green colour with golden tones stands out. These tones are even more remarkable right after the harvest, when the product it’s stored as “fresco”. This term means two things, that the oil is NOT FILTERED and also that has not be stocked or processed, it’s bottled directly. Traditionally this kind of oil was only consumed by farmers that knew the special aromas of this fresh olive oil. Little by little was commercialised and now it’s very appreciated by our customers. The disadvantages are two. It is only sold as Fresh during the harvest and it’s more perishable than a filtered extra virgin olive oil. The small suspended particles are at the same time responsible for the special aromas that we love so much as well as for the short life of this oil, just like for all the other freshly made product like bread, milk etc…

The part of oil that is not sold as “Fresh” will be stored in order to sell it during the rest of the year, some of it will be filtered using the usual process and some of it will not be filtered. The filtered one will have no problem preserving itself until the following harvest, the one that is not filtered will need to be regularly clean since the small suspended particles will sediment at the bottom of the container damaging the quality of the product on the long run. In the second case the oil keep a more intense aroma and flavour reminding the freshly made oil.

In both cases we are talking about excellent extra virgin olive oils.

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Jug 2l filtered, Jug 2l fresh, Jug 2l not filtered, Botella 1l PET filtrado, Botella 1l PET fresco, Botella 1l PET sin filtrar, Botella 250ml filtrado, Botella 250ml fresco, Botella 250ml sin filtrar, Bottle 500ml filtered, Bottle 500ml fresh, Bottle 500ml not filtered, Jug 5l filtered, Jug 5l fresh, Jug 5l not filtered, Tin 5l filtered

Precio por litro

between 5 and 10 euros

En cuanto al aceite, como siempre: Excepcional!!

El pedido, se recibió correctamente. El transportista se puso en contacto telefónico conmigo para concretar la entrega, que se realizó sin incidencias.
En cuanto al aceite, como siempre: Excepcional!!

Es un aceite excepcional

Es un aceite excepcional.
Sabor en el paladar inigualable.
Lo compro ya hace años y es el unico que se consume en mi casa.

Gracias por vuestras atenciones

Hola Alfonso, todo muy bien, como siempre. Gracias por vuestras atenciones. Saludos

Javi Martínez
aceite virgen extra para desayuno y ensaladas

Hola, He decidido comprar a través de ustedes por recomendación de mi madre (esperanza Larrinaga) ya que ella compraba aceite que me regalaba. He probado el omeya sin filtrar el omeya filtrado que aún tengo, y que utilizó para todo y este que utilizaré como aceite osa desayuno y ensaladas, ya que el sabor es exquisito. Una crítica al gasto de envío, que me parece caro para pedir un litro. Y no puedo comprar más porque temo que se me ponga malo. Si me pueden aconsejar sobre el tiempo de caducidad se lo agradecería Un saludo

Muchas gracias y hasta pronto

Hola Alfonso
Todo genial
Llego todo en tacto y ese oro es unico, es verdad!!
Muchas gracias y hasta pronto

Es un aceite excepcional.

Es un aceite excepcional.
Sabor en el paladar inigualable.
Lo compro ya hace años y es el unico que se consume en mi casa.

Calidad y rapidez

Era un regalo para mi madre, que yo sepa no tuvo problema en la recepción del envío ni nada le llegó mal, así que contenta, no duden que repetiré. Sí puedo decir que el aceite Los Omeyas sin filtrar -fresco y posterior- es de lo mejor que he probado, qué sabor..!

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