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Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil? Sunflowers are native to North and Central America, from which the most popular oil in the world is extracted. In Central European cuisine, this oil has become indispensable and is part of many traditional recipes. [products limit = "3" columns = "3"...

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How to shop olive oil

How to shop olive oil? For non-connoisseurs, buying olive oil can be a very difficult task. Olive oil also has many or more nuances than wine, origin and variety of olives for example.

How to shop olive oil: refined olive oil

Until a few years ago, olive oil was considered a "commodity", a more or less normal product such as salt, rice or sugar. In fact, our mothers only looked at acidity, and it was actually unclear whether too much acidity was good or bad. The term "refined" was even considered a synonym for quality when it is the opposite.

Faulty extractions and processes

In addition, the olive oil sold was mostly "vulgar", extra virgin on the label, but nothing else. "Hot" extraction process to extract more oil from each olive, but less taste and aromas that evaporate easily.

Low quality market

The huge Spanish production, more than half of the world for many years, has not helped. The oil mills literally invaded the olive oil market and made it cheaper. In fact, the packaging and distribution companies have set the prices to date, not the poor producer who hardly bears the costs.

In fact, we recommend never buying "Supermarket" olive oil. Although some have "Extra Virgin" on their label and that they were just starting out, they are no longer. You have spent too much time exposing light and heat to the linearity of large areas.

So ... shop Spanish olive oil!

In recent years, however, some manufacturers have recognized the true value of their liquid gold - extra virgin olive oil - and have started to take care of the cultivation, extraction and bottling. In this way, there are already many oil mills that produce EVOO in the same quality as the wineries.

We highlight among others Almazaras de la Subbética, Oro del Desierto, Oro Bailén or Casas de Hualdo. These companies produce extra virgin oil that is rich in aromas and nuances and are therefore the winners of numerous international awards.