Olive oil from Spain? If you are on this page, you are already curious about quality products, that’s good! Because unfortunately, in commerce and large stores, it is not extra virgin olive oil what is labeled as such.

It is one of the biggest problems in Spain in the olive oil sector. After so many years, the vast majority of consumers hardly differentiate an Extra Virgin olive oil from one simply “Virgin”, another just “olive oil”, or worse, a “refined olive oil”.

The truth is that the sector has not helped too much to educate the consumer. All these names are still confusing, such as “refined”.

On the other hand, the commercial policies of large stores, practically giving away the oil as a “hook” product, have been and are disastrous.

Extra virgin olive oil from Spain

Impossible prices

This is usually the first unmistakable sign. EVOO has a necessarily high price at source. We should know that for 1 liter of EVOO, between 10-12kg of olives are needed, and that a normal olive tree does not exceed 50kg per year.

For this reason, approximately 5 bottles of Extra Virgin oil can be produced from each olive tree. If we also take into account that the really prestigious oil mills continue to harvest their olives by hand, you can imagine the cost!

For your health, olive oil from Spain

And is that the latest studies on the effect of extra virgin olive oil against cancer, Alzheimer’s and cholesterol are spectacular! This would explain why the Mediterraneans live on average 5 years longer than our French, German or British neighbors.

This is why everyone should be looking forward to buy extra virgin olive oil from Spain, “the Source”! 🙂

Of course, if it is not EVOO it does not work, because all this healthy wealth is hidden behind some small components that contain Extra Virgin oil, the poyphenols.


Since Dr. Beauchamp discovered Oleocanthal at random, many advances have been made in cancer research. Even in the laboratory it has been possible to literally kill cancer cells in less than 30 minutes with extra virgin olive oil! and leaving the healthy ones intact.

However, the difficulties of creating drugs with this base lies is that they are not a priori profitable for large pharmaceutical companies, which take many more benefits from the currently oncological drugs … 🙁 By the way, similar studies also speak wonders of the garlic and onion.


For this complicated disease, and desperate for many, massive studies have been carried out with older people. For these volunteers, different groups were carried out that have been followed for years.

The results are also spectacular! the elderly who followed a diet with a contribution of extra virgin olive oil and nuts obtained much better results in the cognitive tests than the rest of the groups.

It is believed that EVOO could have a “greasing” effect on our neurons, although much remains to be investigated.


Cardiovascular diseases are still the leading cause of global mortality! And especially in industrialized countries, where unfortunately we eat large amounts of hydrogenated foods such as industrial bakery, treated with unhealthy oils, such as palm or coconut.

This type of diet, together with a sedentary lifestyle, causes our arteries to be covered with atheromatous plaques, making it difficult for blood to pass through. In addition, this type of diet causes obesity, another scourge of our modern world, which does not help … 🙁

Buying olive oil from Spain

When you go back to buy olive oil we give you some tips. Think that not all Extra Virgin olive oil are the same. It’s like saying that all cars are the same! There are brutal differences.

From the oil that does not taste like anything or even “rancid”, to the fresh and tasty olive juice, which reminds us of fresh grass, tomatoes, artichokes, almonds …

Extra Virgin on the label

Certainly not enough, but if necessary. If it’s not extra virgin olive oil, forget it. That oil is vulgar, and probably lacks flavor and aroma.

Extraction date and packaging

eye, olive oil is not like wine. Time works against you. It must be from the current harvest, which starts every year towards October-November.

Mill and variety

identifying the mill against the big oil packaging companies, which often mix and manipulate oils from different mills. Variety is also important depending of the recipe your are cooking.

Opaque bottle

it’s a must. Avoid plastic bottles and / or transparent ones. The plastic is not a 100% clean container. On the other hand, light greatly affects the oil, destroying its antioxidants and affecting its flavor and aroma. Therefore, the bottle must be opaque. Think also about the time these bottles spend in the supermarket shelves…:-(

Price above 8 euros / bottle

Extra Virgin olive oil can not be cheap! in fact the prices in current origin are ridiculous.

That is why the Italians come to us to buy olive oil from Spain. They get the complete harvests to pack them, and sell them to the Americans and Japanese at 30-40 euros / bottle like Extra Virgin Olive Oil Made in Italy!

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