You should not buy olive oil at the supermarket. Olive oil from the supermarket is produced at an industrial basis. In our online store we only sell extra virgin olive oil from Spain, without any chemical process, directly from small producers. The difference is noticeable, and a lot!

Almost all the olive oils that you can buy in our online store have been awarded in an international contest. These awards and recognitions are granted by prestigious accredited tasters. Each producer who presents his extra virgin olive oil at a trade fair usually automatically participates in the contest.

Flavor and taste of olive oil

shop parqueolive oilve oilAs happens with wine, flavor is a particularly important feature in olive oil, as it contributes significantly to the flavor experience. To extract all the aromas of the oil as much as possible, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil with your hands in a glass. Shake it covering the glass wall of the glass and then leave it briefly covered, so that the aroma accumulates in the glass. Next smell the olive oil. To describe it, think of fresh olives, fruits (such as apple, lemon, or ripe bananas), or the smell of wood. Take your time.

The taste test is decisive. Take your time again. Start with a small amount of oil in your mouth to identify its nuances. Pay attention to the taste in the front of the mouth, as well as its finish and the sensation in the throat. Good pure olive oil often has a bitter taste and a spicy finish in the throat. Imagine oil combinations with different foods. For a light dressing or to prepare seafood, it should have a finer and smoother flavor. For roasted meat or vegetables, however, it should be a strong, spicy oil.

Positive attributes of olive oil

  • Fruity: Odors to healthy and fresh fruits, green or ripe. An olive oil is called fruity green or fruity ripe, depending on whether it smells or tastes like green or ripe olives
  • Bitter: elemental flavor, typical of oils extracted from green or ripe olives
  • Spicy: Tingling that is felt throughout the oral cavity and especially in the throat. Typical of olive oils, which are obtained from very fresh green olives

Negative attributes of olive oil

  • Granulated / Muddy: Typical oils whose olives have not been processed fast enough in the mill or have been in barrels for a long time in contact with decanting residues
  • Moisture: typical olives olives moldy by yeasts due to storage in wet conditions for several days
  • Sour: typical of olives that have undergone an aerobic fermentation process
  • Metallic: typical of oil that has been in contact with metal for a while during pressing or storage
  • Foul: caused by the oxidation of olive oils through contact with atmospheric oxygen, direct sunlight or heat.
  • Hay, woody: typical in dried olive oils
  • Crude: it occurs in old oils, they leave a viscous and pasty sensation

We always recommend buying extra virgin olive oil, because for a little more, you have much more! both in aromas and flavors and in health.

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