How to use olive oil? Spain is proud to be a privileged country because it has easy access to extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Unlike most countries in the world, Spaniards can find this “liquid gold” in a variety of stores offering a wide range of prices to the public.

Although we know the oils well, we keep the bad habits related to their use in cooking. In this article, we have focused on Extra Virgin oil to highlight some important points, to keep it properly.

How to use olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is more resistant to frying than refined olive oil or other vegetable oils. It contains large amounts of antioxidants, depending on the variety of olives that protect it during frying.

Other olive oils and vegetable oils do not contain these nutrients, so they burn earlier and are less resistant to reuse.

In fact, the excessive reuse of olive oil (EVOO or refined) can lead to the appearance of harmful combinations of fats. The use of extra virgin olive oil in fried foods is therefore the healthiest.

Don’t buy large quantities of olive oil

Who has never bought a tin of 5 liters of olive oil? We agree that this is the perfect format in terms of price per liter. This type of container is intended for those who consume large quantities of oil.

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The problem arises when it remains open for a long time or exposed to the sun, near a source of heat or near odors, because it loses its aromas and its nutrients.

Even, depending on the quality of the EVOO, it can become rancid, especially if it has not been well filtered.

Are all olive oils the same?

Of course not! Olive oil differs according to the:

  • variety of olive from which it is obtained
  • climate
  • soil of the olive grove in which it was planted
  • care given to the olive grove all year long, the olives health, maturity and harvest
  • production process
  • storage in warehouses.

The taste and aroma of olive oil depends on its acidity

Many consumers that a low acidity (indicated on the label) is equivalent to a good taste and aroma. However, acidity is only a natural chemical component unrelated to the aroma or flavor of the oil.

It only indicates its quality and the health of the olives from which it was obtained.

Don’t leave the bottle of olive oil open on the table…

The aroma and taste are altered by poor preservation of olive oil. It is usual to leave bottles open on the table during use, resulting in a remarkable loss of taste.

It also begins to oxidize and deteriorate when it comes into direct contact with the air. Also a mistake is to leave the bottle exposed to the sun or high temperatures, near heat sources or in damp places.

Therefore, it should be kept in a cool and dry place, without light, heat and odor. It is better to keep it in dark, opaque containers; so the oil will keep its properties throughout the year.

How to preserve olive oil: the container

What do the experts say about the storage of extra virgin olive oil? Here are some helpful tips on where to buy olive oil, how to choose it, where to place it, and how long it will last.

Most experts recommend very dark quality glass. In fact, a transparent glass bottle lets light in and damages the contents unless it is kept in a light-proof cabinet.

The smaller the size, the better. However, small bottles and cans are logically more expensive. We always have to choose a format for a maximum duration of 4 to 5 months. In fact, the legal maximum retail size in the European Union is 5 liters.

What to do with the HOVE after purchase?

Store it in a dark place below 20 degrees and keep it away from strong smells (cleaning agents, trash cans, etc.). In fact, you should know that olive oil easily absorbs odors that change its organoleptic properties.

Extra virgin olive oil is very good for your health, but at the same time very fragile. So we have to protect it properly because it is the healthiest fat in the world.

How long?

It depends on the quality, the variety of olives and other factors. The higher the quality, the longer we can keep it without noticing any differences.

However, it is advisable to use it within 4 or 5 months after opening. If it has not been opened and stored properly, we can use it until the expiry date stated on the label.

Where can you buy olive oil?

Buy extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in trusted stores at a controlled temperature and without excessive light. You will then receive detailed information on quality, variety and origin. etc. If you buy it from a website, check the sensory descriptions and other quality items.

What type of olive oil to buy?

There are big differences in the sensory properties within each variety. Therefore, one EVOO is not enough for your kitchen. So we have to start combining different oils with different foods, as is the case with wine.

In any case, we recommend using only good quality extra virgin olive oil in the daily preparation of our meals. The higher price is nothing compared to the health benefits.

If you are particularly interested in your health, choose Extra Virgin from an early harvest with a high phenol content and a spicy taste.

We also recommend that you check the labels and the place of manufacture is the same as when you “filled”.

Cooking with EVOO favors the absorption and release of bioactive compounds

According to a study by the University of Barcelona (UB), cooking with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) promotes the absorption and release of bioactive compounds. These results provide a better understanding of the mechanisms of the Mediterranean diet that improve our health.

In the Mediterranean diet, many phytochemical components of vegetables, fruits and legumes are consumed. This has been associated with benefits for cardiovascular and metabolic health. This relationship is mainly based on the results of the PREDIMED study, which was carried out between 2003 and 2011 with more than 7,000 people.

If you cook with Pago Baldío San Carlos EVOO, you have everything!

However, the health effects of the Mediterranean diet were difficult to reproduce in non-Mediterranean population groups. This is probably due to the significant culinary differences.

They are therefore trying to assess whether Mediterranean cuisine benefits not only from food, but also from cooking.

Cooking with EVOO, the study

The aim was to evaluate the effect of EVOO on bioactive compounds such as tomatoes, onions and garlic.

According to the researchers, this sauce contains forty different phenolic compounds and a large amount of carotenoids. In addition, its consumption is associated with an improvement in cardiovascular risk parameters and insulin sensitivity.

The research confirmed that cooking vegetables with extra virgin olive oil promotes the passage of these bioactive compounds in olive oil. In this way, its subsequent absorption and bioactivity are promoted.

The study also found that olive oil can produce isomers from carotenoids that are more bioavailable and have greater antioxidant capacity.

Anti-inflammatory effect

These results could explain the causes of the anti-inflammatory effects of tomato sauce. This effect could be due to the migration of bioactive compounds (carotenoids and polyphenols) from tomatoes to oil during cooking.

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