Olive oil calories? Olive oil is an ancient food, used by people for thousands of years. It is the only oil that is extracted from a fruit rather than a seed, nut, or grain. It is mostly produced in Europe (Spain, Italy and Greece).

Olive oil has a pleasant flavor, antioxidant properties and health benefits. It also has one of the highest level of monounsaturated fatty acids of all oils, which studies have shown may help lower your risk of heart disease by improving related risk factors.

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It is also rich in fat-soluble vitamin K and vitamin E. Virgin olive oil is 100% unadulterated olive oil, meaning it is not heated or chemically processed, just extracted by mechanical means from the olives purely (by pressing or spinning the olives after they are mashed into a paste).

The most superior “Extra Virgin” has the most nutrition, a lower acidify and strongest olive flavor.

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Olive oil calories

One tablespoon of olive oil contains about 124 calories and 14 grams of fat, making it a high calorie food product.

The good news is that this fat is healthy, mostly monounsaturated, around 7 grams and polyunsaturated, 4.5 grams.

Olive oil calories are exactly the same number as found in vegetable and animal fats, such as canola or butter; however, olive oil is by far the most nutrient-rich.

But not all calories are necessarily equal. Two researchers, Alan Kekwick and Gaston Pawan tested four different 1,000 calorie diets.

One of 90% fat, the second of 90% protein, the third diet of 90% carbohydrates, and the fourth was a normal mixed diet of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Several subjects on the high-carb diet actually gained weight, even at only 1,000 calories a day, while subjects on the high-protein diet lost weight; however, subjects on the high-fat diet lost considerably more weight than any of the other diets.

Forget calories in olive oil, they are so healthy that you always win!

In fact, some diets that reduce the surge in blood sugar after a meal. Either low-glycemic index or very-low carbohydrate diets may be preferable to a low-fat diet for those trying to lose weight.

Therefore, eating excess calories is only one reason for becoming overweight. Beyond that, olive oil makes you full and satisfied.

You will feel more full for a longer period of time and be less tempted to overeat, thus improving health for adults and kids alike.

Olive oil may be high in calories, but that doesn’t mean eating it will lead to weight gain. The key is to eat this and other calorie-rich foods in moderation as part of a balanced meal plan.

Olive oil against obesity

In healthy but obese adults, consuming olive oil at least once a week could reduce platelet activity in the blood, that means the tendency of the blood to coagulate and block blood flow. This is a preliminary study presented at the 2019 scientific sessions on the cardiometabolic lifestyle and health of the American Association of Epidemiology and Heart Prevention.

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Platelets are fragments of blood cells that collect and form clots. They contribute to the buildup of plaque that can clog the arteries, called atherosclerosis, the disease that causes most heart attacks and strokes.

Reduces blood clotting

Using surveys, the investigators determined how often obese, non-smoking, and non-diabetic participants took olive oil. The mean age of participants was 32.2 years and their mean body mass index (BMI) was 44.1. Obesity occurs when this body mass index is greater than 30. Scientists found that those who took olive oil at least once a week had lower platelet activation than those who ate less.

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Obese people have a higher than average risk of having a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular event, even if they do not have diabetes or other diseases associated with obesity. This study suggests that consuming olive oil can potentially help change this risk.

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This is the first study evaluating the effects of olive oil on platelet function in obese patients. However, the study is based on questionnaires completed by the participants, measuring the frequency of olive oil intake, but not the quantity. As a result, the study could not prove with certainty that the consumption of olive oil reduces platelet activation in obese adults.

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