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Olive Oil


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Olive oil

1948 Óleum

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This is our range of 100% organic extra virgin olive oils, Arbequina, Picual.

Probably the best organic EVOO you have ever tried.


1948 Óleum, organic extra virgin olive oil

It maintains its traceability throughout the production process, from the field to your table. We have the organic production certificate granted by the CAAE.


Excellent organic EVOO of the picual variety, early harvest, intense and balanced. It has a slight bitterness and itchiness, with green notes, a field aroma on the nose, and nuances of olive leaf on the palate. For this reason it is ideal to pair with steamed vegetables, green salads, grilled meats or dressings.


Likewise, organic EVOO, of the Arbequina variety and early harvest. Sweet and fruity, pleasant aroma, surprising. Presents nuances of tropical fruits, banana, apple and nuts on the palate. In this case, it is ideal for grilled fish, fruit salads, light dressings and pastries.

1948 Óleum, the mill

The grinding is carried out at the “Molino del Genil” oil mill, in Écija, on the day of harvesting, just a few hours later. In addition, the mechanical extraction process is carried out cold, for subsequent storage, until they are bottled for distribution.


Olive oil, especially if it is quality Extra Virgin, is a “living” product. This means that, like all fresh food, it must be stored correctly. In the case of EVOO, its main enemies are light, oxygen and heat. For this reason, we must keep it in a closed cupboard, with the cap on well and away from the stove.

Additional information

Olives harvested in

Sevilla, Spain


Olive oil Bio


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

Bottled in

Sevilla, Spain


Bottle 500ml


Arbequina, Picual

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