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Olive Oil


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Olive oil

Balcón del Sur Acebuche

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Wild olive oil, organic and ecological, rich in antioxidants.

100% harvested from wild olive trees.


Balcon del Sur Olive Oil


This variety is unique, very difficult to obtain, since it is the primitive form of the olive tree and lives wild.

buy olive oilIn particular, it is part of the Mediterranean forest, among oaks and other trees.

In fact, it looks more like a bush than a tree, with thorns on its branches, rounder, greener leaves, and it produces a smaller fruit called Acebuchina.

At Balcón del Sur we use this fruit again to produce a top quality oil, true organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our Acebuches are located in the hills of the Sierras de La Subbética, inside large extensions of Mediterranean oak forest. An extraordinary but extreme landscape.

In these forests the olive trees resist extreme weather, -10º in winter and +42º in summer, and this is one of the reasons that make our oils so special. Due to this complex landscape, machinery is not used in the Acebuchina harvest, it is completely manual. Also, being scattered around the mountain, gathering them is quite complicated.

When growing in nature, no type of pesticide is used and therefore, fruits damaged by insects, fungi or birds must be rejected.

Balcony of the South, the Oil Mill
In the south of Andalusia, in Priego de Córdoba, an area characterized by the olive groves that bathe the landscape, is the headquarters of Aceites Balcón del Sur. Due to our history, we have in-depth knowledge of the entire process of obtaining and producing olive oils.

Our olive oils are subject to quality controls at all stages of the production process, which consists of the following phases:

Collection: we exclusively choose healthy fruit.
Reception: the same day of collection, it is passed to the Grinding.
Extraction: without using any chemical procedures, with which we obtain a pure and natural olive juice.
Storage: in aluminum drums perfectly adapted for it.
Packaging: ensuring that the product reaches the consumer in perfect condition.
Balcón del Sur Acebuche, a bomb of antioxidants
Each Acebuche bush only produces around 3 to 5 Kg of Acebuchina, very little compared to its cousins, the olive trees. The positive thing is its high concentration of tocopherols, antioxidants and vitamin E, up to three times higher than that of traditional extra virgin olive oil.

Wild olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil, full of aromas and notes of the countryside, thyme, rosemary, and mint, including red fruits, mixed with a touch of spices. The ideal seasoning for fish and meat.

Additional information


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives harvested in

Córdoba, Spain



Bottled in

Córdoba, Spain


Bottle 250ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

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