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Olive Oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.


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Olive oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.

Balsamic vinegar San Carlos

6,70 /Unit

Great reserve of 5 Years, 8º of acidity. 100% natural product, without additives, preservatives or sweeteners.

Intense on the nose, fresh and delicate, dark mahogany color, balsamic notes of old wood, caramel, toasted nuts, raisins and chocolate.

Deep explosion of flavors and aromas on the palate and on the nose. 250ml bottle.

Balsamic Vinegar San Carlos Oscuro, Transparent or Dark

Of the best sweet grapes Pedro Ximénez, following the traditional system of Criaderas y Soleras. These grapes are exposed to the sun for their pasification, and go through a slow process of acetification, maturation and aging (5 years) in American oak barrels. Therefore, the vinegar is dark mahogany, persistent and balanced. It also emanates an incredible aroma of raisins, caramel, with nuances of the wood in which it has been raised.

Balsamic Vinegar San Carlos, Transparent or Dark, delicious

Vinegar or balsamic vinegar originating in Italy, from the Emilia-Romagna area, and specifically from Modena. It is a vinegar obtained by mixing wines, reds and whites. It stands out for its slightly sweet and strong flavor and dark color. Maturing up to 12 years in wooden barrels. The only thing that differentiates this vinegar from the others is that the three normal stages of elaboration of any vinegar, in the case of balsamic vinegar, are more complex.

Alcoholic Fermentation in which the extracted musts are concentrated and fermented alcoholically, Acetic oxidation and aging or maturation. In fact, in the 15th century aging of up to 40 years was reached!

The last stage is the complex one, when using barrels of various woods: mulberry, oak, cherry, chestnut, juniper and ash, an aging process in which they are mixed, in smaller and smaller barrels, including younger vinegars.


Historically, the best balsamic acetos originate from the city of Modena (Aceto balsamico di Modena) or from Reggio Emilia (Aceto balsamico di Reggio Emilia) with a designation of origin from the area of ​​northern Italy. For this reason they are called “traditional balsamic vinegar”, but their origin is unknown, dating back to medieval times.

In 1046 the monk Donizone’s poem Vita Mathildis describes an “aceto perfettissimo to the liking of the German emperor Henry II”. However, it was not popularized outside Italy until 1980. Argentina received numerous Italian immigrants in the late 19th century and has several companies producing balsamic vinegar.

Particularly in the province of San Juan, European immigration to South America followed, at which time balsamic vinegar was incorporated into the eating habits of New World countries.

A group of expert tasters (Consorcio del Aceto) analyzes it before it is marketed, and determines its organoleptic properties.

Basic differences with ordinary vinegars

  • Made directly, not with the wine, but with the wine must
  • Continuous mix of old and new vinegars
  • Maturation in barrels of different woods
  • Maturation time is much longer (minimum 5 years)

Pago Baldío San Carlos (Cáceres)

Our family has been attached to the countryside since the 17th century. Pago Baldios San Carlos is the inheritance of several generations. An experience that is reflected in the entire production process of our olive oil.

Our philosophy is research and Quality, to obtain a natural and healthy product. Our olive groves are located on the slopes of Mount Almanzor, with eternal snow, clean water, and the Extremaduran sun. Thanks to this exceptional microclimate, we can complete the collection 15 days earlier than usual, allowing us to achieve a unique aroma.

Additional information


Balsamic Vinegar


Oscuro, Transparent

Bottled in

Cáceres, Spain


Bottle 250ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

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