Henri Mor

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Henri Mor extra virgin olive oil, 100% natural product. Arbequina olive juice without additives, preservatives or colorings. 100% fresh, cold extraction.

Recognized by the most prestigious international competitions.


HENRI MOR Reserva Privada Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high quality extra virgin olive oil. Oil made under an exhaustive selection of the best olives located in the Denomination of Origin Les Garrigues, in the municipality of Juncosa (Lleida).

Early harvest and cold extraction with strict control throughout the production and storage process. It has been recognized by the most prestigious international competitions:

Mention for Quality in Expoliva 2017
Gold Award at NYIOOC
Silver Mosque in Cordoba Spain 2017
Gourmet Diploma 2017 – AVPA (Paris-France).

Henri Mor
The oil mill

In Juncosa, dedicated to the cultivation, production and marketing of Henri Mor extra virgin olive oil. Located on a hill 575 meters high, on dry and rough land, and a climate conducive to olive cultivation.

Of the Arbequina variety, with Protected Designation of Origin. The history of this oil from Les Garrigues dates back to the end of the 18th century, the beginning of the 19th century, with olive groves and mills. A family inheritance difficult to match.

Currently it is already exported to the United States and the rest of America, Europe, Japan, Asia. It is present in the main online olive oil stores, such as AceitedelCampo.

Without a doubt it is a 100% product intended for lovers of gastronomy. Cold extracted, early harvest at the end of October and beginning of November, it presents a light fruity, with notes of almond, apple, artichoke and banana.

Its director, Henri Alegría, an expert in Tasting and Sensory Analysis, describes it as balanced, fresh, elegant and silky. Sweet on the palate with a pleasant itching at the end.

The olive never touches the ground, once collected it is ground the same day, to avoid any fermentation process. It is packaged on request to maintain its organoleptic properties, in dark bottles that protect the oil from light.

Henri Mor, olive oil
Where to buy it?

Henri Mor Reserva Privada PDO Les Garrigues of 500 ml is sold in the distinguished Liquid Gold Oleoteca de Barcelona for 18 euros and in the United States for 20 euros. This is the signature oil of a family that works in a small town of only 438 inhabitants.

Our Arbequina olives go directly from the tree to the palate. Our family has been producing for more than two centuries, giving us the experience and techniques to obtain a unique product. Ideal conditions, rough land and dry climate, altitude of almost 600 meters above sea level, perfect melting pot for an olive variety native to the Holy Land more than nine centuries ago.

Additional information


Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Olives harvested in

Tarragona, Spain

Bottled in

Tarragona, Spain


Bottle 500ml

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

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