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Olive Oil


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Olive oil

La Maja – Olive oil of the day

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The olives, still green, in the optimum state of maturation to achieve the maximum intensity of aromas.

Barely two hours pass from collection to extraction, a key time to obtain the highest quality oils.


La Maja Oil of the Day, extracted from still green olives, in the optimal state of maturation to achieve the intensity of aromas that characterize our oils. Barely two hours will pass from when we pick the olive until we process it, a key time to obtain top quality oils.

Extra virgin olive oil is an olive juice, obtained only through mechanical procedures. In fact, it is the moment when extra virgin olive oil contains the highest index of properties and vitamins at the time of its elaboration. These are slowly lost over time, although thanks to its natural preservatives it remains for a few years in an almost identical state to the initial one.

La Maja Arbequina Oil of the Day

It is only sold during the season and as it is neither filtered nor decanted, it must be consumed in a relatively short period. The intensity of its aromas is surprising, of a freshly made Arbequina EVOO, greenish hue, characteristic palate, slightly bitter and spicy, positive qualities.

As it is an unfiltered product, we can find “lees” at the bottom of the bottle. These natural deposits are small particles from the olive pulp, which do not affect the oil at all, as long as it is consumed in a few months, we keep the bottle closed, and in a dark and cool place.

Additional information


Olive oil Bio

Olives harvested in

Málaga, Spain


Arbequina 1er día cosecha

Tipo filtrado



Oil of the Day

Bottled in

Málaga, Spain


Bottle 250ml, Bottle 500ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

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