Cortijo La Muralla

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Arbequina variety. Early harvest. Intense presence of tomato, fruity aroma of green olive, apple, avocado and sweet notes.

Sweet on the palate, with a predominance of notes of freshly cut grass. Consume raw. Store in a dark and cool place, as fresh is more sensitive to oxidation than filtering.



La Muralla Oils
Subbética Natural Park

Extra virgin olive oil Cortijo La Muralla, Arbequina of superior category cold extracted. Since 1878, for 5 generations, tradition and experience. In a privileged enclave, the Subbética Natural Park, meticulous cultivation of olive trees and monitoring of each bottle in the different countries of the world.

We select and classify the fruit. We clean the olives and wash them, we classify them by varieties or qualities to obtain the best oils, without altering their natural characteristics, color, smell and taste. It is essential to harvest at the optimum point of maturation, in veraison, quickly transporting the olives to the mill.

In this way, the fruit is kept intact, grinding it the same day it is harvested, since otherwise, as the fruit contains vegetable water, it will ferment and the oil will oxidize. Time deteriorates the olives notably and damages the quality of the extracted oil.

In the mill we carry out the grinding, with hammer crushers or stone grinders. These hammers break the plant tissues and release the oil, forming a uniform paste. We always submit this paste cold to remove the vegetable water and oil, otherwise the precious polyphenols evaporate.

Finally we decant it to separate the water from the oil, using vertical centrifuges that better maintain the qualities of the oil.

Cortijo La Muralla Oil
The oil mill

Oil from Córdoba, we innovate by tradition. Freshly harvested olives are cold ground below 22 °, to preserve the flavor and properties of the fruit to the maximum, thus obtaining a natural olive juice with a high content of polyphenols.

At Aceites La Muralla, for four generations now, we have always adapted to new olive oil extraction technologies. The company is focused and specialized in the star product of the Mediterranean Diet: the best quality Extra Virgin Oil for demanding palates.

Cortijo La Muralla Oil
From the oil mill to your table

So that our Extra Virgin olive oil reaches your table in perfect condition, we distribute it directly from our mill to your home. Our natural market is families, companies and groups of companies. We include as a novelty olive oil to give as a gift, a wooden case and a glass lid with three bottles of our best oil.

Additional information


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives harvested in

Córdoba, Spain



Bottled in

Córdoba, Spain


Container 2l, Bottle 500ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

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