Oleum Belia

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Special oil, from the first olives of the campaign, yellow color with golden hues, very fresh and aromatic, with hints of apple and almond, fruity flavor, slight bitter and spicy notes. Denomination of Origin Oil of Bajo Aragón.


Extra virgin olive oil Oleum Belia, 1st Prize Best Oil from Bajo Aragón 2016. Made by the Alfonso Muniesa oil mill, from Belchite (Zaragoza). Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) of the Empeltre variety, with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) from Bajo Aragón. Ideal for a multitude of quality kitchen dishes, a necessary complement for a healthy diet.

Extracted only by mechanical procedures, grinding, beating, pressing, centrifuging, decanting and filtering, keeping its natural characteristics intact. Beautiful and cared bottle, the perfect gift, and a distinguished touch for demanding guests. This oil is made with the first olives harvested, thus giving one of the best oils that one can taste.

Of a yellow color with golden hues, it has a freshness and aroma reminiscent of almond and apple, which together with its fruity flavor, but with a few notes of bitter and spicy make it worthy of the Denomination of Origin of Oil of Bajo Aragón .

Oleum Belia, EVOO from Bajo Aragón

Julián Alfonso Pradas in 1907 settled in Belchite and created an olive oil mill in Bajo Aragón. Thus began 108 years of history and was born from a family tradition that for four generations has passed from father to son. Throughout these years, the Alfonso Mill has evolved and adapted to constant technological advances.

Modernized process from the harvesting of the olive and its grinding, to the packaging of the oil and its sale. This has remained unchanged over time, always in the spirit of always obtaining a quality product.

FIRST award for the best olive oil of the Lower Aragón Denomination of Origin 2008
THIRD award for the best olive oil from the D.O. Lower Aragon 2012

In our store you can buy extra virgin olive oil online Oleum Belia 500ml directly from our small oil mill in Bajo Aragón, Gourmet quality.

Alfonso Mill, the Oil Mill

Our extra virgin olive oil is over 100 years old! La Almazara was founded in 1907 in Belchite, Zaragoza. It produces olive oils with Designation of Origin Bajo Aragón, and also promotes Oleotourism through excursions, visits, tastings and workshops.

The oil is from the Empeltre and Arbequina varieties. The best batches are selected to obtain a juice with a smooth character and a pleasant flavor. The olives are selected at their optimum moment of maturation. They are the first olive oils of the campaign. Of the types of olive oil Arbequina, Empeltre and Coupage.

Spiced Olive Oil

Of the Empeltre variety, from natural maceration with spices. Basil, Garlic, Chilli, Fine herbs and Truffle.

Organic Olive Oil

Based on respect for the environment and the earth, from certified organic farming, our Organic Olive Oil is extracted, from the Empeltre and Arbequina varieties.

The recollection

It occurs in early November and ends in February. The olives are sought at their optimum point of maturation, with the highest possible aromatic and gustatory expression. They then enter the mill, and are selected according to their quality, variety and degree of maturity.

They are then cleaned, washed and weighed to grind them the same day they are collected. This is the only way to guarantee that the oil we produce has maximum freshness and low acidity.

The Grinding

We use a hammer mill to turn the olives into a homogeneous paste, which we will beat at a constant temperature, never higher than 28º if we want to consider it as “cold extraction”.

From the oil mill to your table

Let us remember that olive oil is a “living” and perishable product, and in fact, quite “fragile”, very sensitive to oxygen, heat and light. Especially if it is Extra Virgin, and it is not preserved properly, we will lose the most precious thing they contain, the Polyphenols.

Additional information


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Appellation of origin

Bajo Aragón

Olives harvested in

Belchite, Spain



Bottled in

Belchite, Spain


Bottle 250ml, Bottle 500ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

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