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Olive Oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.


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Olive oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.

Olis Roc

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100% Arbequina, Extra Virgin, fruity and fresh oil with an acidity of less than 0.2º.

A limited production EVOO protected by the Appellation of Origin DOP Les Garrigues.

Olis Roc Extra Virgin

Oil made from olives from centuries-old olive trees, traditional cultivation, avoiding any type of chemical treatment. Our olive trees have not been treated with sulfates or herbicides. It is 100% Arbequina extra virgin olive oil of superior quality.

Olis Roc, quick cold extraction

The collection of the olives is controlled in detail, maintaining their properties without hurting them during the process. They arrive at the mill in less than 24 hours, to be ground. During the manufacturing process we maintain quality standards, only through mechanical procedures and cold extraction.

  • Halal Guarantee, accredited by the Halal Institute of Córdoba
  • Denomination of Origin PDO les Garrigues
  • Limited production to maintain our commitment to sustainability

The mill

Young company that comes from a long tradition in the world of olive growing. Since the 12th century our family has had the experience and respect of our ancestors. In 2016 we started the commercialization of our EVOO, making it known nationally and internationally.

Located in Vallbona de les Monges, a small town in the province of Lleida. It is a small town considered of national interest by be part of the Cistercian route. Founded in the year 1100 with the lifting of the Cistercian convent, farmers from neighboring towns settled in this municipality.

Our olive trees are what make the difference, splendid ancient Arbequian olive trees, planted by our ancestors, which provide us with olives with exceptional properties.

We take care of our trees exquisitely, committed to sustainability, avoiding the use of chemical products. Present in all stages of maturation, we ensure that the olive obtained has an incomparable quality.

Let’s also remember that the care of the process guarantees a high content of polyphenols and antioxidants, key in the fight against cancer or Alzheimer’s.

PDO Les Garrigues

The DOP Les Garrigues Regulatory Council, based in Lleida, is the first Appellation of Origin recognized in the Spanish state in 1975 and certified in 1996 by the European Union.

This controls and certifies after strict quality controls (numbered certification labels), a quality seal and a genuine guarantee for the consumer that all the manufacturing steps have been carried out under the requirement of the PDO in manufacturing and packaging.

Olis Roc, Health Notes

For some years now, the positive effects of olive oil on our health have been known. At first this certainty was only held by our grandmothers, empirically. However, scientists around the world did not fully understand that countries such as Spain, Italy or Greece, had significantly fewer cases of cholesterol, heart disease, cancer or Alzheimer’s than their neighbors.

The reason could not be the health system, since countries such as Germany, UK, France or Sweden, have an equal or better Health. It had to be something else, and they started looking at what we ate. Now the Mediterranean Diet is known and followed worldwide, whose mainstay is of course Extra Virgin olive oil.

Watch out! if it is not Extra Virgin, it does not work. The reason is that olive oils extracted from “soil” olives, with initiated oxidation processes, produce an oil with high acidity and low polyphenol content. Also if the milling and centrifugation process has been carried out “hot” we will obtain more oil per olive but we will lose the polyphenols and antioxidants along the way.

In the end, if we do not take care of the whole process, instead of an exquisite EVOO with extraordinary properties for health, we will have a simple vegetable fat, at the level of sunflower, palm oil, etc …Therefore we always recommend buying extra virgin olive oil directly from the mill.

Additional information


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Appellation of origin

Les Garrigues

Olives harvested in

Les Garrigues, Spain



Bottled in

Les Garrigues, Spain


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging


Bottle 250ml, Bottle 500ml


1 item, box x 20, box x 8

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