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Vinegars La Maja

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Enjoy La Maja vinegars, whether from Modena, with its touch of caramel, without added sugars, or the aged wine, strong and with character.


La Maja vinegars

Famous in Mendavia (Navarra) and in the rest of Spain. They are made with the same care and passion as their extra virgin olive oil. Whether Balsamic or Wine, you will enjoy delicate and fruity flavors and aromas.

History of vinegar

Did you know that vinegar was the lemonade of old? Or that Cleopatra won a bet with the help of vinegar? The history of vinegar is not boring at all!

Vinegar as a home remedy

Vinegar is considered the oldest condiment in the world, and its history dates back several millennia. For example, it was used 6000 years before Christ by the Babylonians and Egyptians as a preservative.

Indians and Chinese fermented wine in vinegar, and Egyptians drank Hequa, a sour beer. The Phoenicians refreshed themselves with Shekar, a drink made from cider vinegar, and the Roman legionaries carried a mixture of vinegar and water in their canteens.

In the Middle Ages, herbal vinegar was used as a remedy, and even in the 18th century, medical supplies were disinfected with vinegar.

Vinegar was considered a popular preservative and seasoning. In fact, in rural areas of Eastern Europe they still drink it frequently. It also makes a spicy marinade or dressing for salads.

Jesus Christ and the vinegar

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ shows that vinegar was already known and popular even then. Thus it is recorded that the soldiers offered the thirsty Jesus on the cross a sponge soaked in vinegar. Although this gesture was later often interpreted as a mockery, it is a mistake.

In reality, vinegar water was a soda in the time of Christ. Therefore, it was a gesture of charity that the Roman soldiers had towards Jesus.

But not everything was good! Because eating utensils were made of lead, many Romans died of lead poisoning. Indeed, vinegar reacts with lead and forms the highly toxic lead acetate.

Additional information


Bottle 750ml, Bottle 250ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging


Balsamic Vinegar, Wine vinegar

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