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Shop Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Shopping Olive Oil

It is not as simple as it seems. Large stores offer extra virgin olive oil at very attractive prices. Indeed, if we enter a KrogerWalmartAldi or Publix we will be surprised to see 5 liters carafes at $15-$20.

The label says clearly Extra Virgin, but probably with no more information about its origin, variety, date of grinding and bottleling on it.

This is because you can legally label an oil as EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) just because its acidity is below 0.8º. But the reality is that this oil is probably not Extra Virgin any more…

Maybe it was in its beginnings, but after several hours a plastic carafe, exposed to light and heat, it ‘s over. 🙁


What is it? EVOO is the best category of olive oil. The one that has been obtained only by mechanical procedures, from healthy olives that have not touched the ground. In addition it must be organoleptically perfect.

That means without any negative attribute on its flavor or taste. And, of course, its acidity must be under 0.8º.

Extra virgin olive oil

Where to shop? Of course not in those big stores! We advise the buyer who wants to buy a quality product visit street olive oil stores. Unfortunately there are not many yet, but once inside one, let yourself be advised by an expert.

On the other hand, the Internet already offers numerous online stores such as AceitedelCampo with detailed product descriptions, and customer testimonies.

Best olive oil

Too many brands? There are oils that have won so many awards, that can certainly be purchased blindly. For example in our store we offer EVOO of Almazaras de la SubbéticaOro del Desierto or Oro Bailén.

These oils are expensive but they are so tasty and aromatic that they can be drunk directly!

On the other hand, in our Gourmet Shop you will also find oils from small mills, which are less known. In fact, most oil mills in Spain can not afford to compete in the 5-6 prestigious contests in the world, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo or Israel. But this does not mean that the oils they make are also exquisite.

Which is the best variety?

All olives are all equally good. In fact the quality of the oil depends very little on the variety of the olive, and much more of the process. Indeed, if the process, from the olive tree to the bottling has been clean, right and quick, we will surely shop extra virgin olive oil of superior quality.

Choosing the variety CornicabraPicualArbequina or Hojiblanca, should just be a personal taste criteria or depending on the recipe we want to cook.

One oil for each dish

Of course! We must break with the myth of the oil that serves for everything. Actually, we may want to have different varieties in our kitchen.

For example, to cook a stew, we will use strong and spicy oil, of Picual or Cornicabra varieties. On the other hand, to dress a salad, white fish or a carpaccio, better an Arbequina, softer and less “invasive”.

Shop Extra Virgin Olive Oil by origin?

Yes and no. The oils from the south of Spain, Córdoba, Jaén or Almería are usually oils of the Picual variety. This is because the olive of this variety resists extreme temperatures, and lack of water. As a result, its fruit is quite spicy and bitter.

But if we go to the north, we come across softer varieties, such as Arbequina or Empeltre, in areas less punished by heat and with more humidity. Actually Origin and Variety are quite linked in Spain.