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Extra virgin olive oil, conventional production, presents an olfactory phase with a fruity complex reminiscent of grass, banana, citrus and chamomile.

In the gustatory phase it has a sweet entry, and is balanced in bitter and spicy.

In total he obtains an organoleptic score of 8/9. It is recommended to use it raw, ideal for all kinds of salads, fish and desserts.

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Almaoliva Extra Virgin comes from olive trees with 2800 hours in the sun. Los Almazaras de la Subbética is formed by 4000 cooperative members, founded in 2007. Its 63ha of olive trees are located in Carcabuey and Priego de Córdoba.

They enjoy a special microclimate, with abundant rains, frequent thermal changes and rugged terrain. All this within the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas.

Almaoliva Extra Virgin, the Arbequina of Carcabuey

In the facilities of Almazaras de la Subbética currently, depending on the year in question and the weather conditions, between 50 and 70 million kilos of olives of the Arbequina variety are milled.

They extract between 11 and 15 million liters of virgin oil. Reflecting the zeal and rigor of the work in all phases of the process. Cultural work, collection, transportation, reception, cleaning, grinding and storage. 80% of these oils deserve the qualification of extra virgin olive oils.

Using the same philosophy of the main Almazara located in Carcabuey, with 6 reception lines and located in Priego de Córdoba, its second production center is prepared to support a daily grinding of 150,000 Kg of olives and grinding 15,000,000 kilos of olives at year.

The winery supports a total storage of 1,780,000 Kg of oil. It is composed of 18 tanks of different capacities that are similar to those of the central mill, in temperature, storage and maturation.

Complex orography

Use of modern and small machinery, with the modernization of cultivation techniques. Olive grove of organic production, vegetable cover, integrated production, etc.), betting on the highest quality.

Adapting technology and tradition to the most demanding consumers who demand high standards of quality.

Overcoming the obstacles of the rugged orography of its plantations and the higher costs of tillage and harvesting. With two production centers and currently stored: the central and the main center in Carcabuey, and the second in Priego de Córdoba.

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Bottle 500ml, Tin 3l


Bio, Arbequina

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