Casitas de Hualdo

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Specially developed for children! Produced from the best early harvest olives: Picual, Arbequina, Cornicabra and Manzanilla.

Scented, fresh and light oil, with soft sensations of ripe fruit and green tomato and subtle hints of spice.


When buying Casitas de Hualdo extra virgin olive oil, the customer denotes knowledge and good taste, as well as a special sensitivity towards their little ones. Developed especially for the little ones, we have extracted a more delicate and gentle oil, from the four main varieties: Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra and Manzanilla.

Your children will be able to enjoy a staple food from their earliest years, and they will thank you for this all their lives!

Casitas de Hualdo Oil

It is clear that we want the best for our children. And we know how difficult it is often for them to eat vegetables and legumes. They reject out of the box everything that is green in color! How to give them broccoli, lentils, chard, spinach or peas?

What if we found an additive that, in addition to being tasty, was very healthy? Casitas de Hualdo, a delicacy that will provide you with important nutrients such as vitamins and polyphenols.

In addition, the latter would have a protective cumulative effect that will protect them throughout their lives. Extra virgin olive oil is what is called a “Superfood”. It effectively has a high nutritional potential or nutritional value as well as a high concentration of antioxidants.

The 10 superfoods for a balanced diet are: extra virgin olive oil, quinoa, legumes, broccoli, green leaves, oranges, walnuts, sardines, garlic and dark chocolate.

Best olive oil in Toledo
The key: the manufacturing process

Olives harvested only by mechanical systems, cold extraction before 6 hours and conservation in stainless steel tanks under an inert atmosphere. We pack on request. Hot summers and cold winters, high olive groves, between 400 and 600 meters. Sandy soil, thermal oscillations and high rainfall.

In 1986 our company decided to plant olive trees, produced within our property. In this way we can control all the phases of growth, creating the “complete circle” of olive oil, and using the resources that nature provides us.

In Casas de Hualdo we have 300,000 olive trees, on 630 hectares.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives harvested in

Toledo, Spain


Cornicabra, Manzanilla, Picual

Bottled in

Toledo, Spain


Bottle 250ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

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