La Casona

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Premium Organic EVOO of the Picual, Arbequina and Coupage varieties, High mountain EVOO (over 1000 meters).

Handmade, exclusive and limited edition. Present in the Flos Olei 2020 Guide.


The Casona Ecológico are EVOO Premium, Jaén olive oil, in which quality is prioritized over quantity. To obtain them, all stages of production are cared for, from cultivation to extraction. Of course there is also a prime material and a privileged location, the mountains of Jaén.

La Casona Ecológico, the oil mill

La Casona Extra Virgin olive oil provides 10 times more antioxidants than other EVOOs. Since 1998 our extra virgin oil comes from organic cultivation, certified by the CAAE (Association of the Andalusian Committee for Ecological Agriculture, license number CAAE 6639).

Our variety is Picual, mountain olive grove, the extracted EVOO contains more than 80% of its weight in oleic acid, one of the highest in the world. This aspect provides maximum benefits for your health, excellent nutritional quality and high stability against oxidation. Ideal also for frying.

Mountain olive grove

The mountain olive grove at such a height produces a certain level of stress on the tree. In addition, solar radiation at this level, produce a higher oleic acid content and a better taste of the extracted oil. The acidity of our oil is very low, less than 0.2º, which denotes the high quality of the oil. This is achieved thanks to the freshness of the olive and the cleanliness of the grinding process.

Chemical free

Oil completely free of toxic elements, produced without insecticides, herbicides or fertilizers. It also does not contain artificial substances such as talc, colorants, additives, flavors, flavorings or extraction accelerating enzymes. Pure juice of olives.

Early harvest

The early harvest makes the quality of the obtained oil, flavor, aroma and healthy qualities far superior to the later harvest. In this way, a high content of natural antioxidants is achieved, and the absence of harmful “trans” fats. Recall that this aspect represents a significant decrease in performance, but quality is prioritized over quantity. Finally, the olives are squeezed in our mill on the same day of their harvest. It is also made at a low temperature, to maintain its full properties.

La Casona Ecológico, as a quality EVOO, cold-extracted from healthy olives, provides essential nutrients. Indeed, for several years now, scientists have unveiled the secrets of longevity in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin. Until recently it was surprising how cholesterol, Alzheimer’s or cancer rates are clearly lower in Italy, Spain or Greece than in the rest of Europe.

Health Notes

The researchers agree that the key lies in our Mediterranean Diet, of which the main pillar is olive oil. We must however point out that if it is not Extra Virgin olive oil does not provide more than any other vegetable fat, such as sunflower oil. It is effectively thanks to the fact that it is extra virgin oil that both its oleic acid and its polyphenols (natural antioxidants) are intact. The latter are also those that give us the aromatic and flavor nuances.

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Arbequina 1er día cosecha, Picual – Arbequina, Picual 1er día cosecha, Arbequina, Picual

Olives harvested in

Jaén, Spain

Bottled in

Jaén, Spain


Bottle 750ml, Bottle 250ml, Bottle 500ml, Tin 2,5l, Tin 500ml

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18 months from the date of packaging