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“Pícara”, Olivar de Espejo (Baena, Córdoba), Picual base, headed with Picuda. The Picual provides stability and resistance to oxidation, intense flavor, bitter and spicy notes, marked aroma of olive, tomato and fig tree.

The Picuda provides balance and sweetness, responsible for the fruity notes of apple and almond.

“Inmadura”, Olivar de Montilla (Campiña de Córdoba). Hojiblanca variety, very balanced, smooth, fruity of fresh grass and slight bitterness of green fruit, spicy touch on the throat and a final almond aftertaste.


Extra Virgin olive oil from small selected batches of our family harvest, under the trademark “Martita”. Our harvest comes entirely from two hundred-year-old dry-land family olive groves.

EVOO Martita

Each of the two oils that we produce comes solely and exclusively from a farm, preserving the identity of its area intact. The ripening of the fruit is very homogeneous, being olives from the same olive grove, with similar soil and climatic characteristics.

Likewise, it is guaranteed that the olive comes entirely from centenary dry-land olive trees, as no batches are mixed. This allows us to select the fruits of the areas of the olive grove that by their own characteristics and the circumstances of maturation.

We have developed two brands of EVOO, from small and careful selections from our two olive groves in the province of Córdoba:

from our Espejo olive grove (Baena region, Córdoba), we obtain a Coupage of Picual and Picudo (under the brand name “Pícara”)
From our olive grove in Montilla (Campiña de Córdoba) we obtain a Monovarietal from Hojiblanca (under the “Inmadura” banner)
Martita, the oil mill

All our EVOO comes from olives from our family farms of centenary dry olive trees. In the province of Córdoba, near the town of Espejo, we take care of our Picual olive trees, planted in the 19th century.

Following ancient practices, olive trees have three “legs”, three trees are planted together. This favors pollination, where Picual olive trees have a Picudo or Hojiblanco brother.

We select Picudo olives for our “Pícara” EVOO, for their exceptional qualities. Instead, to make our “Immature” oil, we go to our olive grove of the Hojiblanca variety, planted between the 18th and 19th centuries.

In both olive groves, each “trio” of olive trees is located twelve meters from the next. This allows these olive trees to cover a greater volume of soil with their roots, and obtain richer fruits.

Our olive trees are dry land, and logically suffer great stress, with summers of more than 40ºC, with hardly any water. The consequence is that the harvests are reduced, but the olives of the highest quality, superior organoleptic characteristics and a greater abundance of spicy and bitter notes.

Additional information


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives harvested in

Córdoba, Spain


Coupage, Hojiblanca

Bottled in

Córdoba, Spain


Bottle 500ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

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