Molino de la Calzada

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EVOO with maximum flavor, since 1895. The best quality cold-extracted, below 27°C, to preserve intact the organoleptic and nutritional properties of olive oil.

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Molino de la Calzada, an EVOO that offers maximum flavor. Roldan Oliva owes its name to the old family-owned stone mill since 1895. The best quality is obtained with the first extraction, cold, at a maximum temperature of 27°C, to preserve the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the olive oil intact.

Molino de la Calzada, varieties

Picual, Lucio

The Picual olive variety oil is considered the most stable that exists. The large amount of natural antioxidants and its high content of polyphenols prevent its premature oxidation. In the mouth it has a pleasant bitterness and a spicy touch. In mountain oils such as the Molino de la Calzada these attributes are usually softer, with fresh notes.

The character is provided by the Lucio variety. It comes from olives from ancient trees that are only found in the municipality of Illora (Granada), an excellent union with the DOP Poniente de Granada.

Its aroma is of intense green fruit with notes of leaf, green tomato, fig and banana, bitter and spicy in medium intensity, balanced and persistent aftertaste. It is a very resistant variety of oil with a high content of vitamin E and polyphenols. Ideal for stews, sauces, fish and seafood, sautéed vegetables, garlic prawns and ‘pilpil’ cod.

Picual, Lucio and Arbequina

Exquisite mix of variety selection. A cold-drawn EVOO balanced, bitter and spicy in medium intensity, with nuances that reinforce the identity of its unique character. Aromas with intensity of medium green fruit, with notes of leaves, green tomato, banana and aromatic herbs. High freshness extra virgin oil, perfect to consume raw, as a salad dressing or with toast, vegetables or roast both meat and fish.


Variety of olives for one of the best oils on the market. If you add the climate of Granada, early harvest and excellent conservation, you get the EVOO Molino de la Calzada Arbequina. Highly appreciated product capable of conquering palates unaccustomed to the intensity of extra virgin olive oil.

It presents fresh and delicate aromas, with notes of green fruit, tomato, banana and apple. Medium and balanced bitter and spicy. Perfect raw, in salads, vegetables, grills and rice. Also for pastry. High in vitamin E.

Roldán Oliva, the oil mill

Family business since 1985, focused on the production of extra virgin olive oil. Over the past 120 years, five generations of the family have turned a traditional oil press into a state-of-the-art factory, preserving tradition and quality, along with modern techniques to produce the best EVOO.

Molino de la Calzada, Health Notes

The latest research on olive oil has shown that when it comes to Extra Virgin Oil, it is capable of dealing with such complex diseases as cancer or Alzheimer’s. This is achieved thanks to its polyphenols, in particular Oleocanthal and Hydroxytyrosol.

On the other hand, in our day to day, it allows us to keep cholesterol at bay. Indeed, the monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil allow us to dilute the atheroma plaque of our arteries, thus keeping them healthy and flexible.

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Picual – Lucio, Picual – Lucio – Arbequina, Arbequina

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