Molino del Aire

8,46 13,53 /Unit

Molino del Aire, Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Picual Coupage (80%) – Cornicabra (20%), early harvest and cold extraction.

Family olive grove, centennial olive trees, at 900m altitude.


Molino del Aire, Bio Extra Virgin Oil, 80% Picual and 20% Cornicabra, contains the juice of approximately 7 to 10kg. Early harvest, cold extraction and manual cultivation and harvesting. Family olive grove, our trees are centenarians, located at more than 900m of altitude, respecting the ecosystem and protecting biodiversity. Limited production.

Molino del Aire, the oil mill

Ciudad Real oil, clay soil, Picual variety olive, rainfed cultivation, dry climate with little rainfall, many hours of sunshine and extreme temperatures. Early harvest and cold extraction. The Picual variety is the one with the highest concentration of polyphenols and other healthy components. Hence its greater stability and better flavor, with its bitter and spicy, indicators of its quality.

We use olive leaves for animal feed and olive kerns, due to its high calorific value, for biomass. We also apply fertilizers from the olive grove itself, treated alperujo. Finally, industries such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals reuse waste from the olive grove. The use of recyclable packaging is another important factor.

Family project to position a Villamanrique Premium EVOO in the market, with a fair price, which is due to production costs and low productivity of cold processing (low fat yield).

In summary, Sustainable Organic farming, Healthy Eating and Rural Development are our basic values ​​in this project.

The farm and the olive trees

The olive trees are located between Villamanrique (Ciudad Real), Chiclana del Segura and Castellar (Jaén). It is a region with places located between Sierra Morena, Sierra del Segura and Sierra de Alcaraz. We are committed to making the Traditional Mediterranean Olive Landscape become “World Heritage” by UNESCO.

Additional information


Olive oil Bio

Olives harvested in

Ciudad Real, Spain


Picual – Cornicabra, Picual

Bottled in

Ciudad Real, Spain


Bottle 250ml, Bottle 500ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging