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Manzanilla Aloreña variety, smoothness and aroma, essential for your raw dishes, salads and sauces. Perfect complement to more intense, bitter or spicy varieties.

In 1 liter PET formats, light and handy, carafes, Egyptian jars to give away or cans. Ideal for your kitchen and family, from toast for breakfast, a salad at noon or a blue fish at night.


Extra virgin olive oil Molisur unfiltered, Coupage (mixture) of the Manzanilla Aloreña and Hojiblanca varieties. Our oil comes from the majority variety in the Guadalhorce Valley, the Manzanilla Aloreña olive.

It exudes aromas of tomato, green fruity, in particular the tomato plant, freshly cut grass, almond shell, apple. It is smooth and pleasant, balanced bitter-spicy-fruity, with a sweet entry and slight bitterness on the palate.

We always pack EVOO WITHOUT FILTERING, therefore, preferably consume raw, toast, vegetables, fish and meat, salads, in stews.

Attention, always add it after you have cooked your dishes. In this way, it will enhance the aroma of the dish as the crude oil (raw) comes into contact with hot food. In addition, this will prevent the delicate polyphenols from evaporating during cooking.

Molisur oil
The oil mill

Our oil mill is located in Alhaurín el Grande. Indeed, it is a privileged enclave of the Guadalhorce Valley for the cultivation of olives. Certified as an Ecological Oil Mill. Our oil comes from a studied mixture of varieties of olives. Of course, the oil is extracted cold, at about 27º, so that the heat does not volatilize the precious polyphenols in the oil.

Conservation tips

Molisur olive oil should be bought in small bottles because it has a short shelf life, even if it is kept in a cool, dark place. It should also be cold-extracted olive oil.

Molisur, how to buy it?

If you are reading these lines this is indeed a good place! 🙂 In fact, in general we recommend specialized Gourmet Shops, both online and on the street. On the contrary, to avoid large surfaces.

It will also change the taste and aroma. The can is the container that undoubtedly offers the best protection against heat, oxygen and light. The 1 liter PET bottle format is resistant and handy in the kitchen. With the 2-liter and 5-liter jugs we managed to lower the price per liter. Jugs and cases make great gifts.

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Olive oil Bio


Manzanilla Aloreña, Hojiblanca

Olives harvested in

Málaga, Spain

Bottled in

Málaga, Spain


Bottle 1l, Bottle 750ml, Container 2l, Container 5l, Jar 250ml, Jar 500ml, Tin 200ml, Bottle 250ml, Bottle 500ml, Tin 3l

Tipo filtrado


Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging