Verde Esmeralda

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En su Edición Verde Esmeralda o Imagine, AOVE de las variedades Picual y Royal, directamente de Úbeda (Jaén).

Pure olive juice for all palates. Picual, with personality, spicy and bitter, and Royal, with its sweet fruity touch.


Olive Oil Verde Esmeralda,

After the first night of harvest, the olives destined for the entire Premium range are harvested and ground.

This edition is presented in a 500ml bottle, green, with an emerald shape, it contains EVOO of the Picual variety. Thus, this oil has an aroma of fresh grass and tomato that reminds us of the extensive olive groves.

Emerald Green Oil Imagine

Picual oil has a strong personality, intensity and body. In particular, they are greener oils, with an intense fruity flavor, with a greater sensation of density and itching and medium-high bitterness. In the mouth, sweet entry, moderately bitter and somewhat more spicy, very balanced.

Picual is a variety highly appreciated for its early production, ease of cultivation and quality of the olive oil obtained, highlighting its high proportion of oleic acid.

The Red Diamond edition is presented in a 500ml bottle, red in the shape of an Emerald cut diamond. Contains extra virgin olive oil of the Royal variety, exclusive and native variety of the Sierra de Cazorla.

Unique variety

This variety does not occur anywhere in the world, only in the vicinity of the second largest natural park in Europe, the Sierra de Cazorla Segura y las Villas natural park.

It is a variety of low and fluctuating production, low in oil content, although of extraordinary quality. The extra virgin olive oil of the Royal variety is a minority privilege due to its low production.

Oil of great organoleptic value, with fresh fruity and sweet aroma, flavor is smooth and not aggressive on the palate. On the nose it presents an intense fruity with nuances of ripe fig, banana and apple.

Imagine Picual 500ml arises from the need to achieve a better world, a world where all children have the right to a happy childhood. This is why part of the benefit of the Imagine range is allocated to charitable causes that contribute to achieving this goal. In a 250ml or 500ml format, a matte black glass bottle contains extra virgin olive oil from the Picual variety.

Imagine Organic 500ml is presented in a matte black glass bottle, Organic extra virgin olive oil of the Picual variety. Picual Organic presents a more intense fruity compared to conventional picual, this is due to the use of only organic products for the nutrition of the olive trees.

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Additional information


Olive oil Bio


Imagine, Verde Esmeralda

Olives harvested in

Jaén, Spain


Picual Organic, Royal, Picual

Bottled in

Jaén, Spain


Bottle 250ml, Bottle 500ml


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging

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