Bio Olive oil

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Bio Olive Oil

Bio farming represents an alternative to conventional agriculture. Current conventional crops are super intensive. They use massively all kinds of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and a wide range of synthetic chemicals. All this “chemistry” inevitably leaves residues in the oils, and can become really harmful agents for our health when heated.

And the drama does not end here. The rains drag waste deposited in the soil to rivers and reservoirs, thus expanding the area of ​​contamination. In addition, conventional agriculture causes the simplification of the agricultural landscape, the degradation of its fauna and flora, and the reduction of biodiversity.

Official certification

Ecological oil is considered to be one that has been certified as such by authorized offices. These officials are independent and objective, they carry out inspections to the oil mill and field controls. They analyze the whole process. They also carry out a classification analysis of fatty acid composition and pesticide residues. Only then can olive oil be labeled as Bio Olive Oil.

Bio olive oil has same taste and flavor

Bio production does not improve or worsen the taste of the oil or its organoleptic qualities. But any frequent environmental responsible consumer of extra virgin olive oil should consider paying a little more, and consume an oil with little impact on our environment.

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