Oro del Desierto

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Oro del Desierto Olive Oil. A very special extra virgin olive oil. Bio extra virgin olive oil, cold extraction and early harvest. It is literally produced in the desert (Tabernas, Almería) where it almost never rains.

It seems impossible but this is paradoxically what makes it one of the most awarded extra virgin oils in the world.

Oro del Desierto Olive Oil, 4 monovarietal varieties

Picual, Arbequina, Lechín and Hojiblanca. The lovers of extra virgin olive oil use them differently according to the dish they prepare. In addition, possibly the most appreciated, is the Coupage, a mixture of these other varieties, fruit of the “alchemy” of the master of the mill.

Controlled irrigation

Thanks to this permanent dryness has been necessary to develop the technology of drop to drop. This allows to measure exactly the water that the olive tree drinks. Stressing it in summer so that its olives are dense in fat. And opening the tap at night, in order to limit evaporation.

No plagues

In addition the climate of the desert is very aggressive with the typical plagues like the one of the Fly of the Olive tree. These pests do affect other areas of the Peninsula and are devastating.

These insects that deposit their larvae inside the olive, need a temperate climate and a minimum of water. Exactly what they do not find in the Tabernas Desert.

The third best Bio EVOO in the world

Oro del Desierto Oil won this prestigious award from WBOO (World’s Best Organic Olive Oils) and in the TOP5 of the best EVOOs in the world, for the 5th consecutive year.

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