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    Inspired by the purest Roman tradition of Córdoba

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    Conde de Mirasol

    Fantastic Hojiblanca-Olive oil from Córdoba, highly awarded

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From 12,000 olive trees of the Hojiblanca variety, the best olives are selected for the oil at the beginning of autumn. These are carefully selected for their quality, performance and organoleptic properties.
The harvest takes place while the olive is still green on the branch before the ripening process begins.
Picked green, the olives transfer all their properties, aromas, nuances and flavors to the oil. The collection is done manually without the olive falling to the ground so that it does not become contaminated.
In addition, the transport is carried out without excessive stress, in order to avoid crushing and to reach the mill in perfect condition.

Aceites Mirasol Olive Oils
Very aromatic, intense green, fresh, with green fruit tones on the nose, smells of green grass, tomatoes, green banana.
On the palate it is creamy, full-bodied, initially sweet, with the same green nuances that it showed on the nose.
It also has a slight bitterness and the characteristic itchiness of the Hojiblanca variety that arises in the throat and then develops on the rest of the tongue.

Recommended health product
Its polyphenols and fatty acids make the oil a recommended health product that is indispensable in the Mediterranean Diet.
It’s also perfect to accompany special moments like breakfast on toast.