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Olive Oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.


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Olive oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.

Pago Baldio San Carlos

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Pago Baldío olive oil San Carlos

Pago Baldío San Carlos Oil, used by the best chefs in the world. Among them: USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland.

The best proof of the quality of our gourmet products are the most used in kitchens of the chefs with 3 Michelin stars, such as Ferrán Adriá, Martín Berasategui, Hermanos Roca, Juan Mari Arzak, Pedro Subijana, etc.

Thanks to an exceptional microclimate, we advance the harvest by 15 days, obtaining an olive oil with a unique perfume in the world.

On the other hand, irrigation and selective fertilization by bottle guarantees the conservation of the environment.

Our olive groves are located in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, near the Yuste Monastery. It is about the natural environment Carlos V was collected overwhelmed by the warrior, political and religious ups and downs of the hectic reign of him.

he chose the best place to rest, among all those innumerable places of his immense Empire, where the Sun never set.


Since the 17th century our family has been linked to agriculture. For this reason, Aceites Pago Baldíos de San Carlos is the legacy of generations. Really, an experience that is appreciated in the care of olives and grapes throughout the production process.

Full Moon, collected on Full Moon

According to mythology, the moon gives powers to the oil, those who take Full Moon will be lucky in love, health and will have luck on their side.

 Full Moon bottle 250mlOur EVOO is chosen by the most prestigious chefs in the world and has received the most important international awards.

This oil is produced with Arbequina olives harvested during the Full Moon in October.

It has an intense golden yellow color with faint hints of green. Its elegant aroma is rich in nuances reminiscent of freshly cut grass, tomatoes and bananas.

Balsamic Vinegar

This vinegar is very balanced and persistent, with a dark mahogany color and an extraordinary aroma of raisins, caramel and nuances of the wood in which it is grown.

buy vinegar balsamic San CarlosCondiment that enhances the flavors of the dishes it accompanies.

It becomes an exquisite delicacy that is ideal for dressing salads, marinades, game meat, duck, veal, fish, shellfish…

Thanks to its transparency, it does not alter the color of food and its extraordinary aroma is a UNIQUE condiment IN THE WORLD.

Pago Baldio San Carlos EVOO

Top 10 Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil according to “World’s Best Olive Oils”, we have more than 90 awards.

 buy Pago Baldíos San CarlosSince the beginning of the company, our products have not stopped winning the most prestigious international awards.

Harvested 15 days earlier than usual and with a very limited production to achieve the highest level of fruitiness and an outstanding aroma that is difficult to find on the market.

7 consecutive years Extremadura gold medal and more than 40 international awards.

Very sweet on the palate followed by a pleasant bitter undertone and a slight spiciness.

It is ideal for seasoning salads, tomato, desserts, ham, cheese and even desserts and sweets.

EVOO Oro San Carlos

It is made exclusively with the olives collected on the first day of harvest, with the best selection of Arbequina and Cornicabra Oro San Carlos olives, it has a perfect balance.

buy san oro aove carlosOro San Carlos has a very pleasant and complex fruity flavor, with notes reminiscent of freshly cut grass and green almonds.

Awarded in numerous international competitions, produced with the olive harvested on the first day of harvest.

It is the ideal option to use raw in meat, fish, rice, pasta and green salads.

With an intense green color, a magnificent blend that is very balanced, with a very mild bitterness and spiciness that is very pleasant.

It is ideal to use raw, for all types of fish, rice, pasta…

San Carlos Gourmet EVOO

100% Natural, made with the best selection of Cornicabra olives with a very slight touch of Arbequina.

buy San Carlos GourmetIt has a golden green color accompanied by a very intense fruity, smell of freshly cut grass.

Intense and persistent on the palate, appreciating its freshness and balanced bitterness and sweetness.

Ideal to use with potatoes, roasts, stews, barbecue, cheese…

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