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Almería Olive Oil

This province does not stand out for the amount of liters it produces, nothing to do with Jaén or Córdoba, but it is known worldwide for the quality of its juices.

In fact, almost all the oil they produce is of the Extra Virgin category, that is, with an acidity below 0.8º and an irreproachable aroma and flavor. For this reason, the oils of Almería hold the first prizes in international competitions.

Oro del Desierto

Among them, Oro del Desierto stands out as Best Organic Olive Oil of the World 2015 (World’s Best Olive Oil). Its production goes almost all outside of Spain, to more than 20 countries. A pity … it seems that Germans, Americans and Japanese know how to appreciate it better than us, and pay the price of the olive oil it deserves.

The work of the master of Almazara

The award-winning version, the Coupage, is a wise blend of Hojiblanca, Picual and Arbequina olives. The nose resembles fresh grass and tomato, and the palate is sweet with a slightly bitter finish and a spicy touch given by the Picual.

They also produce excellent monovarietals from the Picuales, Hojiblancas and Arbequinas, and the lesser known Lechin.

Ecological and sustainable production

Rafael Alonso’s farm in Almeria produces no less than 160,000 liters per year, all its own production. The yield is intentionally low, around 10% -12%, needing “many” olives for “little” oil, which guarantees a very high level of quality.

Tabernas Desert

Literally in the middle of the Tabernas Desert, where water is scarce. Hence his patents for drip irrigation and others. This favors the environment and sustainability, and reforests originally desert regions.

Drip irrigation allows saving up to 35% of water, in addition to which the energy used is 100% clean, either by combustion of the residues of the oil itself or by the solar panels installed on the farm. It also integrates plant diversity and uses these residues to feed livestock or compost.

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