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Córdoba Olive Oil

In the south of the province of Córdoba is located the Sierras Subbéticas National Park, steep slope terrain that rises over beautiful narrow valleys and the idyllic Andalusian city called Priego de Córdoba, considered the “Mecca” of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The density of premium olive oil producers working in this region is simply huge! As well as its quality, recognized throughout the world.

DO Priego de Cordoba

The DO Priego de Cordoba guarantees the highest quality olive oil, exceptional oils subject to very strict controls. The region covers 29,600 hectares with four municipalities: Almedinilla, Carcabuey, Fuente Tójar and Priego de Córdoba.

The DO Priego de Córdoba extra virgin olive oils have accumulated more than 400 awards around the world, and in recent years, in the lists of the ten best world competitions. That is why it is in Córdoba where the World Congress of Sensory Analysis of Olive Oil is organized, which brings together the best experts in olive oil from around the world.

Oleoturismo in Córdoba

For those of you who decide to go sightseeing in Andalusia, you must stock up on the best olive oil. Many of the Almazaras offer guided tours and tasting sessions for groups. Almazaras Subbética or Cooperativa la Unión are two of the most recognized.

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