Varieties olive oil
When buying olive oil in a store, we will check if it is "refined" or "Extra Virgin". Next, we will look at the variety of olive that has been extracted, responsible for the taste and flavor of the resulting oil. For example, the Arbequina produces soft and light oils, very different for example from the Picual variety.

More than 250 varieties
Therefore it is convenient to have knowledge of different types of olives, to make the most of their culinary potential. Only in Spain we have more than 250 types of olive trees, whose fruits have different flavors and aromas. If we had to detail each variety we would need a complete encyclopedia!

Different varieties of olive oil for each dish
And we have to get rid with the paradigm of the oil bottle for all of our grandmothers! Olive oil should be considered at least at the same level as good wine.
We must know the different varieties that marry better with the different cooked dishes. It is not the same an Arbequina for a fish as a Picual for a stew.