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The variety Cornicabra

The Cornicabra variety is the second most widespread Spanish variety, after the Picual. Originally from Mora de Toledo (PDO Montes de Toledo), near the Tagus Valley (Madrid, Toledo, Cáceres). The name comes from the curious curved shape of its fruit. It has a late flowering, as well as the ripening of its fruits. It has medium values ​​of bitter and spicy, balanced sweet at the entrance, bitter and spicy medium.


Cornicabra olive oils are stable for their high content of oleic acid and polyphenols, so it is recommended for cooking. In fact, it was recently demonstrated that when frying with extra virgin olive oil, these polyphenols passed into food, enriching “bland” vegetables such as potato, carrot or eggplant. The Cornicabra olive is also characterized by its robustness, resistance to cold and ability to fight diseases. It is believed that due to its high content of phenols.

Cornicabra for your health

Particularly noteworthy is a polyphenol contained in the Cornicabra variety, the Oleocanthal (also present in the Picual, Morisca or Royal). This molecule has anti-inflammatory capabilities similar to ibuprofen. But it is also capable of modifying the structure of neurotoxic proteins, precursors of neurodegenerative diseases.

The Oleocanthal of the Cornicabra against cancer

This potent non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug has recently been shown in the laboratory (Prof. Paul Breslin) to kill cancer cells in only 30 minutes without disrupting healthy cells. Unfortunately, as is often the case in Spain, the lead in these investigations is not ours … 🙁 The USA and Australia are mostly in. It seems that in Spain we prefer to concentrate on producing cheap oil, poor in these substances …

International Oleocanthal Society

Founded in Spain, it has already put in place a system to measure the amount of Oleocanthal in an oil, the Aristoleo test. It is a procedure by colorimetry. In some oils rich in Oleocantahal have been detected up to 900ppm, which is huge! Without these tests, knowing if an olive oil is rich in Oleocanthal is simple, it should sting in the throat when swallowed. In the mouth it is not worth, it must be in the throat, if it does not itch, it does not carry Oleocanthal.

Cornicabra, our brands

Casas de Hualdo

It is one of our jewels. The other varieties of this mill are also very good, but it must be recognized that good oils from Arbequina, Picual or Manzanilla are also produced in other parts of Spain. In contrast, the Cornicabra de Casas de Hualdo is perhaps the best of all. For that reason it was recognized, among many other awards, by the prestigious publication FLOS OLEI as the Best Intense Fruity FLOS OLEI 2018.

It is an extra virgin fragrant and delicate oil, with a multitude of aromas, presenting a harmonious whole. At the same time soft and subtle, but with all the strength of the Cornicabra Toledana! and a very low acidity of 0.1%.

Casitas de Hualdo

To highlight also the Coupage variant that has been made especially for the little ones, Casitas de Hualdo. It is one of the few oil mills in Spain that especially dedicates an EVOO for our children, so that they grow overflowing with health, polyphenols and antioxidants. In fact, some studies suggest that the protective effects of olive oil against cancer are “cumulative” during life. This means that those of us who have taken good oil since we are small are protected! Although obviously there is still a lot to study.

Pago Baldío San Carlos

The other Delicatessen comes from the lands of Cáceres, hand in hand with the Almazara Pago Baldío San Carlos with its San Carlos Gourmet. It is really a Coupage, Arbequina and Cornicabra. This type of olives blends, prior to grinding, is usual, trying to collect the best of each variety. In this case, and in a masterly way, the sweetness and smoothness of the arbequina is appreciated, with the power and flavor of the Cornicabra, all forming a balanced set. They are small works of art from our almazareros masters.

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