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Coupage Olive Oil
Coupage is the oil obtained by mixing different varieties of olives, which can be in different points of maturation. Beware, Coupage means to mix olives, NEVER mix oils!
Unfortunately, there are still blends of olive oils, which are actually mixtures of oils of different qualities, almost always with the aim of hiding the bad quality of their olive oil. We have even come to see mixtures of olive oil with other seed oils … a horror .. 🙁

Coupage oil is a new variety
It is considered a Coupage as the “personal work” of Maestro Almazadero, and its objective is to achieve a result that improves monovarietal oils. An extra quality, taking the best of each olive.
If for example the majority is the Arbequina, we may want to add a bit of Picual or Cornicabra to get a certain “spicy” that the Arbequina naturally lacks. Or vice versa, in the south of Spain, the Picual de Jaén oils can be very bitter and spicy for certain palates and dishes.
Therefore, you can make a Coupage with Arbequina, Manzanilla or Empeltre, to give them a more sweet touch and enhance aromas and flavors.

The olives must always be healthy
Sometimes simply because the olive grove is naturally composed of different varieties of olive trees, and when the olives are picked, they are already mixed. The proportion of each olive is then fixed by the olive itself. Or it can be “manual”, as we explained, where a Mill Master creates a new oil.

The taste of each Almazara
Coupage is a good way to maintain the same characteristics of an oil, campaign in campaign. In the world of olives, the climatology of each year is decisive.
If it is too hot or freezing, there is a lack of water or excess, it will directly influence the quality of the olive, and consequently, the organoleptic characteristics of the resulting oil.
With the Coupage olive oil we “manage” or “compensate” the weaknesses of each type of olive according to the year they have passed. In this way also, each Almazara has a “representative” oil, stable from year to year, which characterizes and distinguishes its brand. It is the “taste of the house”.

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