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Hojiblanca variety

Oil with golden tones and mild flavor (an intermediate oil between Arbequina and Picual). We appreciate sweet attributes at the beginning and a light spicy taste at the end of the throat. Almond aftertaste, notes of fresh and fruity grass like apple and banana.

Power the flavor in gazpachos, salmorejos and blue fish like salmon. Light color of the underside of its leaves, hence its name. Originally from Lucena (Córdoba), that’s why it’s also called Lucentina.

Third Spanish variety with some 200,000 cultivated hectares. Typical in the provinces of Córdoba, Málaga, Seville and Granada. 16% of the production of olives from Andalusia.

The olive

Rounded olive, medium-high caliber. Therefore, in addition to being used to make oil, it is used as a table olive. Medium oleic acid content, around 70% of total fatty acids. It is therefore more resistant to oxidation at high temperatures than other varieties such as Arbequina.

Therefore it can be used to fry and “grows” enough in the pan, which is quite cheaper than other oils. Hojiblanca olive oil is golden green, depending on the state of maturation of the olive at the time of grinding . It has a characteristic flavor and aromas, with slightly bitter and spicy touches.

Hojiblanca olive oil

In our store you can buy hojiblanca oil from Oro del Desierto, a classic, winner of numerous awards. Hojiblanca olive oil, for its aromas, and its spicy and bitterness, is widely used to make Coupages, oils extracted from olive mixtures of different varieties.

For example, our Omeya Coupage has 40% of Hojiblanca and 60% of Picual. Also the Oro del Desierto Coupage is made with a part of Hojiblanca.

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