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Lechin Olive Oil

This variety receives different names, Lechín de Sevilla, Lechín de Granada, Ecijano, Lechino or Zorzaleño. Its name comes from the whitish color of its pulp reminiscent of milk.

The olive tree is of great strength, open bearing and thick density in its crown, very resistant to frost and drought, and it adapts well to unfavorable, limestone or high salinity.

Its maturation is early, and its collection complex and expensive, by hand, by the high adhesion of the fruit to the branches, and resistance.

This is the reason why this variety has been years in decline due to its agronomic limitations. The olive has an average oil content of around 18% (compared to 27% of the picual, for example).

It is rich in phalmic acid, but has a low content in high stearic acid, which makes the total content of saturated fatty acids low. However, the oil has low stability and tendency to oxidation.

Lechín olive oil is fluid, greenish yellow and dense and unctuous texture. It has a medium fruity aroma and green almond nuances and fresh vegetables. Its flavor is barely spicy and bitter, and as a whole is balanced. It is not usual to find Lechín extra virgin oil as monovarietal.

Due to its low stability it is usual to be present in Coupages with varieties more resistant to oxidation, such as Picual or Hojiblanca. In the kitchen it has multiple uses. We can use it to prepare salted anchovies, or simply with toast and tomato. It is also ideal in tapas and sweets, fried crisps, stews and soups.

Where to shop Lechín extra virgin oil

Of course in AceitedelCampo! ? Our online store is one of the very few that commercializes this extra virgin organic oil as Monovarietal, from our almazara in Tabernas, Oro del Desierto.

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