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Picual Olive Oil

“Olea europaea” is also known as marteño, nevadillo and lopereño. It is the main world variety (20% of the world olive grove) and 50% in Spain. It is produced especially in Andalusia (Jaén, Granada, Córdoba and Seville).

Its name comes from the shape of its olive, small tip or peak. Its collection is mechanized by the low resistance to detachment. It covers the Denominations of Origin of Sierra Mágina, Sierra Segura and Priego de Córdoba.

Rich in antioxidants

Variety very appreciated for the quality of olive oil. Its composition is perhaps the best of all the known varieties, for its proportion of oleic acid that exceeds by almost 10% the other oils, medium palmitic acid content and low linoleic acid content.

It also has a high fat yield of 27%, which makes it very attractive for producers and mills. It is without a doubt the most stable one that exists due to its high resistance to oxidation, due to its natural antioxidants and polyphenols. Therefore, if it is well preserved, its expiration may exceed two years.

Taste and Flavor

All varieties provide different aromatic notes. In the case of the Picual olive oil, the tasting notes are fruity green, tomato, olive, fig, with bitter and spicy notes. In the kitchen it is ideal in macerated meats and game, salads, fried foods, batter, slow stews and food preserves.

The “oils of plain” has more body and are more bitter, with notes of wood. In contrast, “mountain oils” provide fresh and pleasant notes.

Health benefits

The Picual oil is related to the reduction of the risk of suffering from cardiovascular, liver and cancer diseases and slowing down aging. Although the most striking is that extra virgin phenols inhibit and degrade a molecule of cancer cells.

These results observed at the cellular level, however, should be checked in animals and humans. It must be pointed out that this is valid only if the oil has been pressed and filtered, otherwise the phenols are lost.


These phenols are from the same family as resveratrol in wine and green tea, but much higher. They are those that give the bitter, spicy or astringent taste, and will be more abundant in early harvest. At the Catalan Institute of Oncology, antitumor activity was observed only in polyphenols, not in all phenols.

In particular, they would directly attack the HER2 molecule, inhibiting it and degrading it, surpassing even the drugs against this type of tumor (trastuzumab or lapatinib). In another study conducted by PREDIMED in 2003, with 7,447 participants, a 68% reduction in the risk of cancer was found!

Picual Extra Virgin

In our olive oil shop we have some of the best picuales of the market. From Jaén we bring you Jolive, Oro Bailén, Alba Urgavo and Pagos de Toral, from Almería the very awarded Oro del Desierto, from Córdoba Oleum Hispania.

And since not all the picuales come from Andalusia ? of Toledo we have a small jewel, Casas de Hualdo. All of them excellent, with a lot of body and flavor, and of course free deliveries in Peninsula.