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Picudo Olive Oil

Picudo olive oil owes its name to the fruit from which it comes, with a pointed apex, curved and pronounced nipple. It is also known as Basta, Carrasqueño de Lucena, Castúo, Paseto and Picudo Blanco.

Curious also the name of bird-watcher, for being very appreciated by the birds, attracted by the sweet flavor of the olives during their maturation.

It is the most characteristic variety of the Denomination of Origin Baena oils (Córdoba), and the fourth variety in Andalusia. Very widespread in Granada, the Pedroches valley and the Penibética Cordobesa area, and in general in Córdoba, Granada, Málaga and Jaén.

Why buy olive oil Picudo?

It has some agronomic characteristics that do not favor its diffusion. Its maturation is late and complex mechanized harvesting, due to the high resistance to loosening of its fruits.

To this is added that although its fat yield is high, they are very delicate oils, not very stable and prone to oxidation, like their cousin of the Lechín variety, so it complements very well with other varieties much more resistant to oxidation, such as Picual.

How to use the Picudo AOVE in the kitchen?

It is an oil with extraordinary organoleptic characteristics, very appreciated in the tastings in international contests. It has fruity notes of apple and almond flavor, reminiscent of exotic fruits, in the sweet range, with bitter and spicy echoes rather attenuated.

They are ideal in hot salads, gazpachos and pastries, perfect in fried foods, providing crispy textures. Suitable in tomato and pasta sauces, stew stews, risottos or beef or chicken.

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