Ketogenic diet with olive oil? The effects of the ketogenic diet with olive oil brought soldiers to a surprising weight loss.

This study took three months to include rigorous physical training. American soldiers who ate with olive oil experienced a general improvement in their physical condition.

This experiment should be very important for the preparation of the US military. Remember that ketogenic diet or KETO is high in fat and low in carbohydrates (less than 25 grams per day) with moderate protein intake.

The ketogenic diet with olive oil

The participants were overweight but not obese. They were divided into two groups, Mixed Diet and Ketogenic Diet.

In addition, they were allowed to increase the intake of unprocessed whole foods by consuming at least 40% carbohydrates. Also, calorie intake was not limited for any of the groups and they should eat until they were satisfied.

The participants in the keto diet lost an average of almost 8kg in weight, and their visceral fat volume decreased considerably compared to the mixed diet.

High contribution of olive oil to the ketogenic diet

Richard LaFountain, co-author of the study, explains that choosing the fats of the ketogenic diet was the key. In this sense, a certain contribution of animal fats and butter was allowed. Above all, however, it was insisted on the intake of olive oil.

The difference in this study with others about keto diets is that they were concerned about the potential negative impact on soldiers’ physical performance. Obviously, weight loss should in no way limit the soldier’s strength, speed, or vigilance.

According to Lieutenant Jennifer T West, director of clinical dietetics at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center, the soldier is supposed to be an athlete. That’s why they’re invited to ask themselves what their favorite athletes eat.

In this sense, West added that the goal is to give the army a healthy diet that focuses on fats. But not the “bad” fats of the past, but especially olive oil, as it has shown its beneficial effects on the heart and brain.

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