The Mediterranean Diet with olive oil? The liquid gold from Spain is the basis in our diet and has numerous health benefits, especially when it comes to extra virgin olive oil. To be honest, you have to stop buying olive oil in the supermarket. 馃檨

Like we do with the wine, it is important which types of olive oil we choose. For example, we will choose a Picual olive oil if we want to cook a “strong” dish like roast.

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How to follow the Mediterranean Diet with olive oil?

In fact, the Mediterranean diet with some physical activity should be part of our lifestyle. On the other hand, we would like to remind you that physical activity must be mixed both cardiovascular and strength. It’s not enough to walk, you have to lift weights to build muscle fibers and prevent osteoporosis.

Pago Bald铆o San Carlos, a delicious arbequina from C谩ceres, sweet but with character

We also need to move food of animal origin to eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent us from suffering from cardiovascular disease. This doesn’t mean that red meat or blue fish are harmful, but they should be eaten in moderation.

Obesity and Olive Oil: May reduce blood clotting

We increasingly need to extract the vitamins and minerals we need from foods like nuts that are rich in vegetable fats. We should also avoid daily consumption of dairy products as they contain a lot of saturated fats. The key is a balanced diet.

Does the Mediterranean Diet with olive oil make you fat?

Yes and no 馃檪 It is indeed very caloric (approx. 900kcal / 100g). But if you consider the aroma and taste, and of course its many health benefits, the decision is easy!

Does olive oil expire?

For sure! and its expiry date is a few months once it is open. Therefore, we always have to keep it closed so that the oxygen does not penetrate, and in a cool and dark place. Before buying EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), let’s check the expiry date on the label and, of course, avoid oils from previous campaigns.

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What is refined oil?

As soon as the oil has been extracted in the oil mill, a second press can be made from the rests. This olive oil was previously used for oil lamps and requires chemical refining processes for human consumption.

They are not risky, but they are tasteless and have no health benefits. It’s just plain vegetable fat. To avoid.

Commercial oil categories

You will find simple “olive oil“, “virgin olive oil” and “extra virgin olive oil” depending on their acidity and their organoleptic classification. Of course we should always buy extra virgin oil because of its taste and aroma, and its health benefits.

Cold extraction

Remember that the variety of oil is not too important. It is mainly the extraction that determines the quality. If it is done correctly and fast, we will get an extra virgin oil with a very low acidity (content of free fatty acids, mainly oleic acid) and with aromas of fresh grass.