Why Buy Unfiltered Olive Oil? What are the differences? Is it advisable to use unfiltered extra virgin olive oil for cooking? These are recurring questions that many consumers ask.

Unfiltered olive oil, natural olive juice

Like freshly squeezed orange juice, freshly extracted olive juice contains impurities. These are mainly particles of water, skin, pulp and pits that come directly from the fruit, the olive.

Olive oil is first extracted from the pulp of the chopped olives in a horizontal centrifuge, which separates the solid components (pulp, bones and skin). The oil then goes through a vertical centrifuge, in which the oil and water are finally separated.

Nevertheless, the juice still contains impurities, which of course are decanted in containers. This natural decanting process, with the difference in density, causes these particles to precipitate out and then be removed.

Unfiltered olive oil contains more polyphenols

Fresh unfiltered olive oil generally contains between 1% and 3% of impurities, mainly particles of water and olives. For this reason, this oil is denser and has a cloudy appearance and changes naturally due to the effects of gravity, temperature and time, just like a freshly squeezed orange juice.

When fresh, it has a maximum chlorophyll and polyphenol content, which is responsible for its cloudy color and slightly bitter and spicy taste.

This special taste is the main characteristic of vitamin E and natural antioxidants (oleocantal, tyrosol, etc.), which are only contained in high-quality extra virgin olive oils.

However, these contaminants contained in the unfiltered fresh olive oil are responsible for faster oxidation. Therefore we have to protect this oil from light and heat.

For this reason, we always recommend buying unfiltered olive oil directly from the manufacturer and storing it in a cool place. We should also use it six months ago.

This olive oil is decanted naturally in the container. It is therefore normal for deposits to form on the bottom of the container, which are exactly remnants of the skin, pulp and bones of the olive that decant slowly at room temperature.

Buy unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

If we are already convinced to buy unfiltered oil, we need to consider the following three points:

Crop year

The quality of an unfiltered oil is its youth, so it is important that the label clearly states that it is fresh oil from the last harvest.

Storage conditions

Unfiltered oil quickly changes its original properties when exposed to light and heat, which speeds up oxidation. Therefore, pay attention to “OIL” soothing olive oils from supermarket shelves …

Although the indicated usage date is 6, 12 or even 18 months, the reality is different. If it is not stored away from light and heat, it is likely that this oil will age quickly and will not become a Native Extra long before this date.

Benefits of extra virgin olive oils

This is the case with supermarket oils, which unfortunately have been exposed to light and heat for days or even weeks. As a result, the oil loses its virginity prematurely.

Filtered olive oil

In order to preserve these original compounds as much as possible, the filtering process takes place in a completely natural way by passing the oil through several layers of cellulose and diatomaceous earth, trapping the moisture and solid impurities and the completely clean and shiny oil.

Taste of filtered olive oil

This filtering process is natural and essentially does not change olive oil. It only removes microparticles from water and olives, although the smell, taste and sensation in the mouth can change slightly.

In return, we get greater stability and can use it for cooking at much higher temperatures (up to 180°C).

Filtered or filtered, which one should you choose?

It depends on what we’re looking for and where we’re going to keep it. If we regularly consume extra virgin olive oil raw, on bread or in salads, we choose unfiltered olive oil, especially from the early harvest. On the contrary, if we want to use it raw and for cooking, it is better to buy it filtered.

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