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Olive Oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.


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Olive oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.


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Clean and bright green oil, with intense aromas of fresh olive and herbaceous notes. In the mouth, very smooth entry, the bitterness is very light and the spiciness somewhat more notable and persistent, but balanced. Harmonious and well structured, with an almond aftertaste.

Valdenvero olive oil

Limited edition of AOVE DE COLIVAL, its name is a mixture of Valdepeñas and Envero (optimal degree of maturation of the olive). They are indeed early harvest olives, early October and November, so it is a fresh seasonal product.

These Extra Virgin olive oils reflect our absolute passion for true olive juice. For this reason, we renounce a good part of the fat yield of the olives in exchange for more complex and intense fruity. In the end we get products of excellent quality, of the different types of olive oil, Arbequina, Picual and Cornicabra. They are cold extracted EVOO, with high fruity and very balanced in bitterness and hotness.

Valdenvero, oil!

Harmonious, fragrant and balanced oil, with an intense green fruity, aromas of grass, almond, apple and tomato, with important notes of dried fruits. You can appreciate its sweet, light bitter and more intense spicy structure, which make it truly interesting.


Medium-high green fruity, with notes of grass, tomato, apple and artichoke, it has a light-medium bitter and medium and pleasant spicy on the palate. Its antioxidants provide a multitude of aromas, combine perfectly with bitter and spicy. It is definitely an EVOO of great character that remains stable over time.


It presents a medium-high green fruity, aromas of olive leaf, tomato and almond, and notes of apple and artichoke. It is an oil with a slight medium bitterness and a medium spiciness.


From the best games of our three varieties, the best of each of them is achieved. After long tasting sessions, the final assembly of the Valdenvero blend of the three varieties, Arbequina, Picual and Cornicabra, is decided. Therefore, it is a very limited edition, with three objectives: balance, complexity and persistence.

It is an EVOO with an intense green fruitiness, aromas of grass, almond and apple, and notes of olive leaf and tomato. Very pleasant in the mouth, with a light bitter and spicy, very balanced and rich in nuances, aromatic complexity, practically inexhaustible.

Valdenvero oil
2018 Valdenvero Awards
Athena IOOC Greece SILVER
CINVE Spain Silver / Silver
EVO IOOC Italy Gold Medal
EVOOLEUM Spain Top 100
L´Orciolo d´Oro Italy Distinzione
Leone D´Oro Italy Great Menzione
Les Olivalies France Argent
New York Olive Oil USA Silver
Olive Japan Japan Gold Medal
OLIVINUS Argentina Great Prestige Gold
OLIVINUS Argentina Bottle Award
TERRAOLIVO Israel Prestige Gold
Organic Cornicabra
2018 Awards
Athena IOOC Greece Best entry per variety
BIOL Italy Gold
International Oil Contest “Armonia” – Alma Italy Grand Mention Trophy
Der Feinschmecker Olio Awards Germany Platz 117
EVOOLEUM Spain Best Cornicabra / Best Cornicabra
EVOOLEUM Spain Top 100
TERRAOLIVO Israel Prestige Gold
Colival, the oil mill

Located southeast of the province of Ciudad Real, a privileged area. Famous for its wines, accompanied by oil as an inseparable companion. Currently, olive oil is no longer residual in Valdepeñas, but a gourmet product, with the quality seal of our land. Its name means valley of rocks, because it is surrounded by hills. In addition, we have a Mediterranean climate, optimal for obtaining aromatic quality oils.

Valdenvero, a year’s work in the field, culminates every day in the oil mill. It is there where a classification is made, leaves and branches are cleaned, and they are weighed and sampled for analysis. Then it goes to the hoppers, for its immediate process.

The olives are crushed in mills with special sieves, to enhance the aromas and reduce emulsions. Always at a low temperature, and a very short mixing time, to preserve all the volatile components that cause fruity aromas and flavors.

At the end of the process, the oil is stored at a controlled temperature between 18º / 21º. Ready for packaging so that its chemical and organoleptic qualities remain unaltered.

Our philosophy

Colival is a company dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of EVOO since its inception. It is a business strategy that has become our philosophy of life.

Quality is our hallmark, even if it is difficult, laborious and sometimes little recognized by the sector. It is about having the basic knowledge and experience year after year to be able to make the right decisions.

All our efforts are directed to permanent updating and innovation, in addition to selling, disseminating, promoting and promoting the excellence of authentic olive juice.

Additional information


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives harvested in

Ciudad Real, Spain


Arbosana, Organic Cornicabra, Organic Frantoio, Arbequina, Arroniz, Cornicabra, Coupage, Frantoio, Hojiblanca, Bio, Picual

Bottled in

Ciudad Real, Spain

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed


Bottle 500ml


1 item, box x 6

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