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Olive Oil Extra Virgin

The best brands

  • shop 1948 Óleum Arbequina Picual

    1948 Óleum

    12,50 /Unit
  • evoo águra


    Drei Arten von Jaén-Ölen für drei Arten von Gerichten

    3,05 12,38 /Unit
  • shop alalmadelolivo Extra Virgin

    Alalma del Olivo

    Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca and Cornicabra from Toledo

    6,75 21,50 /Unit

Best Sellers

  • shop olive oil molisur


    3,90 31,50 /Unit
  • comprar aceite de oliva Alfar La Maja

    Alfar La Maja

    5,63 33,50 /Unit
  • shop vinegar balsámico San Carlos

    Balsamic vinegar San Carlos 250ml

    The Transparent is a unique vinegar in the world!

    5,78 /Unit

Most awarded

  • comprar isbilya aceite oliva virgen extra


    19,95 /Unit
  • comprar monovarietales oro del desierto

    Oro del Desierto Monovarietal

    4 flavors! Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Lechín and Picual, you choose!

    7,31 14,90 /Unit
  • shop EVOO aceites Gil Luna

    Gil Luna

    Liquid gold from the Sierra de las Nieves (Málaga)

    6,75 11,48 /Unit

Best varietals

  • Casas de Hualdo oil shop

    Casas de Hualdo

    9,95 /Unit
  • shop san carlos gourmet 500ml and 5l

    San Carlos Gourmet

    Violent and aromatic Cornicabra from Extremadura lands, very awarded

    9,90 33,00 /Unit
  • Casitas de Hualdo Öl kaufen

    Casitas de Hualdo

    4,95 /Unit

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the pillar of our Mediterranean Diet. Moreover, in Spain we have countless olive oil mills that produce an incredible EVOO, although, unfortunately, it does not always gets to the final consumer.

This happens because there are large, unscrupulous bottling companies, that do not hesitate to mix it with other low quality oils. This is why they reach the “supermarket” with IMPOSSIBLE prices, even below the price right in the mill!

Olive oil online

We want to break this toxic trade and bring our precious Liquid Gold directly to every family for a fair price. However, buying extra virgin olive oil is not easy, but if the price goes below 8-9 euros for a 500ml bottle, this oil is probably not EVOO.

Olive oil from the mill

The best thing is to taste them and feel their pleasant aroma and flavor. In fact, except in the mills, it is difficult to find fresh olive oil on the market. This type of oil is the one traditionally bought by people from neighboring villages in their jugs!

Actually, it does not really matter much the variety of olive, whether it is ArbequinaHojiblancaPicual or Cornicabra oil (the 4 basic varieties), and even Acebuche (wild olives).

In fact, there are more than 230 varieties of olives in Spain alone, which determine the different types of olive oil. Moreover, if we count the Coupage (blends of olives of different varieties), the number of combinations grows even more.

But what is especially relevant is how the olive is treated throughout the process, from the olive tree to our table.

Olive oil and health

It was Dr. Gary Beauchamp, almost by chance, who discovered the Oleocanthal a few years ago. A polyphenol certainly special, only present, and in minimal quantities, in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This great molecule is believed to prevent some very complicated illnesses as some type of cancer or Alzheimer.

Unfortunately, we hope that at some point the pharmaceutical companies will start with the development of medicines and treatments based on these encouraging results.

Fighting obesity

It is therefore not surprising that obesity, both in children and adults, has skyrocketed in recent years. This, together with the fact that we practice less and less physical exercise and spend too much time glued to our tablets and cell phones…:-(

If we want to recover our health and live longer and better, we must return to the Mediterranean Diet, eating less and better. Olive oil though being highly caloric, is also highly satiating, so as a result we eat less!

On the other hand, refined sugars in some industrial foods generate insulin spikes that quickly “eat up” blood glucose and make us hungry again soon after!

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