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Olive Oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.


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Olive oil


When adding olive oil from different groves, you will receive your oils separately and the shipping costs corresponding to each of them will be added.

Oro de Desierto 1/10

19,00 /Unit

Coupage olive oil (Arbequina and Picual), intense green color, typical of freshly extracted oils. Exceptionally intense flavor and aroma of tomato, freshly cut grass, apple and almond.

In the kitchen: Fresh cheeses, green salads, cold sauces, tomato with garlic, toast or raw with bread.

Oro de Desierto Edición limitada 1/10

Very early harvest oil, from the first of October when the olives are still in veraison. Therefore, 10kg of this type of olive is necessary to obtain 1 liter of oil of this quality on these dates, hence our name 1/10.

It is a recently extracted oil, a fresh seasonal product that cannot be found at other times of the year. The reason is that once the oil is decanted, it is bottled and marketed as extra virgin olive oil. For this reason, due to the special edition of the product and being freshly extracted, we recommend consuming it, only raw, in about 5-6 months from its production and bottling.

This year we have decided to filter the product as last year in order that the quality stability is greater and that the product has a longer life. Hence, you will see that the product has a clean and bright green color instead of the cloudy appearance.

Oro de Desierto Edición limitada 1/10

  • Number of bottles harvest 2019/20: 8000 units
  • Presentation: 500ml bottle, individual case, personalized and screen printed bottle
  • Production: Extraction 2 phases in the first fortnight of October, only with olives in very early veraison, 95% still green
  • Varieties: Arbequina 40% and Picual 60%
  • Mill: Finca el vicario, Tabernas Desert (Almería)
  • Ingredients: 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, organic certificate UEES-ECO-001-AN and JAS

The Mill

Oro del Desierto (Almería) is a very particular extra virgin olive oil. Ecological extra virgin olive oil cold extraction and early harvest. It literally occurs in the desert where it hardly ever rains. It seems impossible but this is paradoxically what makes it one of the most awarded extra virgin olive oils in the world.

Four types of olive oil are produced: Picual, Arbequina, Lechín and Hojiblanca. Lovers of extra virgin olive oil use them differently depending on the dish they prepare. In addition, possibly the most appreciated, is the Coupage, a mixture of these other varieties, fruit of the “alchemy” of the oil mill master.

Thanks to this permanent dryness it has been necessary to develop the technology of controlled irrigation, either drop or drop. This allows to measure exactly the water that the olive tree drinks. Stressing it in summer so that its olives are dense in fat. And turning on the tap at night, in order to limit evaporation.

In addition, the desert climate is very aggressive with typical pests, which do affect other areas of the Peninsula and are devastating. These insects that deposit their larvae inside the olive, need a temperate climate and a minimum of water. Exactly what they don’t find in the Tabernas Desert.

The third best Ecological EVOO in the world

Oro del Desierto obtained this prestigious award from the WBOO (World’s Best Organic Olive Oils) and in the TOP5 of the best EVOOs in the world, for the 5th consecutive year.

Oro de Desierto Edición limitada, health Notes

Remember that the fresher the oil and the greener it is extracted, the higher its concentration in polyphenols. It is like a health elixir, since these microcomponents are particularly active in this day and age. In this way, taking olive oil from olives in veraison will allow us to regenerate ourselves inside, neutralizing free radicals.

Additional information


Olive oil Bio

Olives harvested in

Almería, Spain


Arbequina, Picual

Bottled in

Almería, Spain

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed


Bottle 500ml


1 item, box x 6

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