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Flavor and taste of olive oil

Flavor and taste of olive oil

Flavor and taste of olive oil? You should not buy olive oil at the supermarket. Olive oil from the supermarket is produced at an industrial basis. In our online store we only sell extra virgin olive oil from Spain, without any chemical process, directly from small...

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Cooking with olive oil

Cooking with olive oil is not as easy as it seems. A few years ago, the plastic bottle or the plastic carafe was used everywhere, for seasoning a salad, cooking lentils or frying squid. Big mistake!

In fact, one of the myths has fallen recently, sunflower oil is less suitable for frying than olive oil. In fact, it has been erroneously assumed that sunflower oil can better withstand high temperatures. And how many times have we seen our mothers and grandmothers reuse the oil for frying millions of times?

Cooking with olive oil: frying

It has also recently been discovered that the reuse of olive or sunflower oil creates harmful particles that are even potentially carcinogenic. Vegetable oils should never be reused, they must be thrown away and recycled in suitable containers.

Indeed, because of its high antioxidant content, olive oil is more resistant to high temperatures and oxidation. In addition, only olive oil can transfer its nutrients, oleic acid and polyphenols, to the cooked product. Not only frying, but enriching the food!

It also makes sense to think that this enrichment process is only possible if the olive oil used is of good quality. That is called EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) because it is the only one that is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and polyphenols.

Cooking with olive oil is also healthier than steaming, as these healthy components are lost when cooked in water.

Cold pressed Vs Refined

With olive oil, cold pressing is a purely mechanical process in which the olives are not heated. This is how the highest quality olives are used, which means that vitamins and flavorings are retained.

"Unhealthy" olives are used for refined oil. The oil is obtained through chemical processes (temperatures of over 230°F). With this method, we get much more oil than with cold pressing, but it produces bad-tasting and harmful substances that have to be removed afterwards.