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Olive Oil


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Olive oil


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100% juice of selected hojiblancas olives, for demanding palates. Flavor and aroma with personality, spicy and bitter on the palate, which identify the quality and high polyphenol content of olives. Elegant bottle that makes it an exclusive and tasteful gift for professionals and friends.


LivesOlives, a centenary olive grove

Of the hojiblanca variety, within the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park. Unique ecosystem, defined by its enormous ecological and landscape richness, is evident in each of the valleys and mountains that shape its lands of karst origin.

This arrangement greatly hinders the harvesting that has to be carried out in a manual mechanized way; However, the oil obtained carries such an exclusive personality that it can hardly be reproduced elsewhere.

LivesOlives Oil
Bio Extra Virgin

Our family is committed to the knowledge and dissemination of the olive culture from the olive grove. The tasting is essential to differentiate the different types of oils that the consumer finds in the market.

Through this activity guided by an expert taster, any interested person will be able to know the entire production process, recognize varieties and identify qualities.

Quality guarantee

To get a great oil from the olive grove to the mill, to the consumer, it is necessary to have an involved human team and sufficient means. We certify a raw material and final product according to the demands of any market and we ensure that our extra virgin does not suffer any damage and reaches the consumer’s hands fresh.

With its totality of flavors, aromas and vitamins present for a healthy diet.

The oil mill

Family business, located in the center of Andalusia, a world production center for olive oil and table olives. With a clear export vocation of its organic production. And backed by an excellent superior organic quality of its EVOO’s.

Based on the modest experience of four generations of farmers in the care of their more than centennial olive grove, within a Natural Park. Company that offers its clients a direct, personalized and exceptional high quality service from the beginning to the end.

Additional information


Olive oil Bio

Olives harvested in

Córdoba, Spain



Bottled in

Córdoba, Spain


Bottle 500ml

Preferential consumption

18 months from the date of packaging


in a cool, dark place, and cap closed

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