Buying olive oil by origin is an interesting but overvalued criterion. The origin if that is usually quite correlated with the type of olive. In Spain we find in the north and northeast, above all, Arbequina, in the center of Cornicabra, and in the south, Picual and Hojiblanca.

Shop by origin

The variety initially gives the flavor and original aromas of the oils, that is why those of the south, more “picuales”, are strong, spicy and bitter, and the “arbequinos” of the northeast, sweeter and softer. But if we had to evaluate the final quality of the oil, it is above all related to the process.

From the care of the olive trees, the way of harvesting, the times and means of transport to the mill, the milling and temperature, and finally the conservation, all these steps play an important role in the final result.

And it is enough to neglect one of them so that our final oil is excellent or average. That’s why the Origin does not really matter too much.

One of our best oils is produced in the desert

Our Oro del Desierto oil mill is located literally in the Tabernas Desert, where it almost never rains. Its owner, Rafael Alonso, has made this a priori difficult insurmountable in a huge competitive advantage.

Drip irrigation

It has developed a drip irrigation system of its own, and is practically independent of weather conditions. Give your olive trees exactly what they need, according to the height of the season in which we find ourselves.

In addition, the heat itself and lack of water, are responsible for decimating the pests of olive flies, so you do not need to use chemicals and can boast product organic olive oil 100%.

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