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Great EVOO extracted from the unique and indigenous varieties of Castellón, Borriolenca and Canetera, in addition to the appreciated Arbequina and Picual.

They are high quality oils, exquisite Coupage of Arbequina, Borriolenca and Canetera

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At Bardomus we offer you five different varieties, including a Coupage (blend of olives of various varieties).

Bardomus Arbequina, softness, fluidity and fragrance

The Arbequina is native to Palestine, introduced by the Duke of Medinaceli in the 17th century, from the castle-palace of Arbeca, hence its name. The olive tree is small and resistant to cold, high production of fruits in the form of clusters, green / violet and shiny, early maturation and good fat yield.

The oil is highly appreciated for its softness, fluidity and fragrance, medium intensity with predominance of notes of fruit (apple, green almonds, green banana) over the bitter and spicy. They are oils with harmonious characteristics, delicate and sweet, almond-shaped.

It is somewhat more delicate than other varieties against oxidation, so it is important to protect it from light and heat.

Bardomus Borriolenca, rural and rustic

Originally from Borriol (Castellón), with high productivity, rural, early maturing, with elongated and asymmetric fruits. The oil extracted from the Borriolenca olive is a lot and of great quality. Unfortunately, it is a regression variety, generally on family farms, produced for self-consumption. Its olives are highly appreciated in the province of Castellón, the most exquisite and finest in the area, with a very peculiar flavor.

Bardomus Canetera, bitter, intense and elegant

Originally from Canet lo Roig (Castellón), also known as Caneti, Nana, Seniera and Llusió. Small tree and little vigor, the Canetera olive is a variety sensitive to drought and cold, with early entry into production and low resistance to detachment which facilitates mechanized harvesting.

Oils that are highly stable to rancidity and of medium fat yield are extracted from it. Green fruitiness of medium high intensity, persistent, in the mouth it presents an intense and elegant bitterness. The itch is very sophisticated and pleasantly invades the lips and tongue.

Bardonus Assemblage

Of the Borriolenca, Canetera and Arbequina varieties, the best olives to make our Author Assemblage Coupage. It combines the sweetness and fluidity of the Arbequina with the rustic touch of the native Borriolenca and Canetera. A balanced EVOO, slightly bitter and spicy.

Bardomus, the oil mill

The BARDOMUS Estate belongs to the Barchi Casali family since 1989. Located directly on the Mediterranean, between the Natural Parks of Prat de Cabanes and Sierra de Irta. We thus enjoy an exceptional microclimate, which brings unique organoleptic qualities to our oil. Thanks to these conditions, the olives ripen very early and are harvested in mid-October. In this way, the maximum of their attributes are recovered for our oil.

Health Notes

EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) is key to a healthy diet. Both from a nutritional point of view and to prevent some chronic ailments. It contains antioxidant substances and vitamins, in particular vitamin E (tocopherol). It is also rich in carotenoids and polyphenols and in oleic acid. This monounsaturated fat increases good cholesterol (HDL), decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL).

For this reason, extra virgin olive oil together with the Mediterranean Diet prevents cardiovascular diseases. In fact, numerous studies show that polyphenols help us protect ourselves from arteriosclerosis due to its anti-inflammatory power.

The elaboration must be 100% natural, without using chemical components, to ensure the integrity of its content. In addition, several studies already suggest that diets rich in EVOO would protect us from some types of cancer, such as breast cancer. On the other hand, its satiating effect helps us to control obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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