Full Moon

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Selected by Lufthansa for its First Class customer. Unique Arbequina olives harvested during the Full Moon of October, when the tree wise goes up to the olive with more strength accentuating its intensity and aroma.

Golden yellow color with green notes. Elegant aroma, rich in nuances, reminiscent of freshly cut grass, banana, and tomatoes.


SKU: N/A Categories: , , , , , , , , , Excerpt:   The Arbequina of Pago Baldíos San Carlos, such a great gift!

Extra virgin olive oil Full Moon. In mythology the oil made with these olives, contains magical powers, talisman of eternal love, health and luck. 100% Arbequina variety is an unmistakable manifestation of good taste and palate!

This extra virgin olive oil is recognized by its characteristic golden touch, it is picked at the moment of perfect ripening, when the olive becomes violet.

In Majadas del Tiétar, province of Cáceres, a unique microclimate is enjoyed, making the oil with the first harvest, 15 days before the usual and with a very limited production, this is the only way to achieve the maximum fruity level and an outstanding aroma.

Full Moon oil

At the beginning of the mill, Pago Baldíos San Carlos was only known among restaurants and chefs. And soon the word spread! Currently it is the oil that is served at the Ritz.

In addition to prestigious chefs such as Ferrán Adriá or Pedro Subijana. Currently it is already exported to numerous countries such as the USA, Japan, France, Singapore or China. It also presents permanently to the main international competitions, which have a relevant diffusing role.

The key is in the climate and on the ground, experts say. Effectively in Majadas del Tiétar (Cáceres) you can enjoy a particular micro-climate, very appropriate for the cultivation of olive trees.

In addition, the Full Moon olive never touches the ground, and is only packaged on request, always in dark glass, never in a carafe. In this way they ensure that the least possible time is spent before reaching the consumer.

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